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Your Book is Already Written!

But the most common experience?



97% of all book-starts fail to come to completion. So why would you want to hang out in that crowd?

Instead you could gather your gifts, understand your style, and focus on serving your soulmate readers.  Then you could write your book as easily as making a snowball.

You know how to make a snowball, don't you? 

READY: Gather your gifts.

AIM: Plan ahead.

LAUNCH: Wait! What are your gifts? What is your style? Who is the audience? What kind of book should you write? How long will it take? Click the green button-

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First, let's talk about

a few forthcoming authors like you!


Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit like Sheila VanZile? She began the journey to her book the day her distant, disapproving mother died. There was no one left to tell her what she SHOULD do.


Brilliant, successful, multi-talented, empty, and living a decades-long life of "shoulds," one day, Sheila took The Writer's Gift Quiz.


"Judy's Writer's Gift Guide laid out the pathway for my book, which inspired my forever business!"


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Author, Sheila Van Zile

"This is me, over the moon the day my book arrived! If you want to write a book I suggest that you take Judy's quiz and then enroll in one of her writing groups as soon as possible. Although I was still managing an old business, with Judy's guidance and inspiration, I got clear on my message and purpose then finished my book in under a year.”

Sheila is the author of My Waterfall of Awakening- How loss can bring you home to the life you want. 


Are you a successful coach, or Intuitive Practitioner, in love with a values-based business?

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Are you committed to writing a book, or "just curious?"

(Self-doubt is a Bitch!)

 Do you secretly hope it will be fun and by some miracle fit into your schedule?


CHECK! Your book begins here:

  • You gather with a group of brilliant, magical women like you.

  • If you don't have a group of fabulous, business-minded cohorts focused on writing successful books,  join mine!

  • Write, read, and get soul-nourishing feedback. 

  • Any ideas you play with can easily become a book. I'll show you how, easy peasy!

  • Joyfully discover you can already do the best writing of your life!

  • Start telling others you are a "Forthcoming Author!"

 "Judy makes the writing process easy, clear, and productive. She gets me through the rough patches. Honestly, I wouldn't even be writing this book if I hadn't taken her quiz, which opened my eyes and heart to the possibility." Yvonne Andes, California Wine Country

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What if you could wrap who you are and your magnificent gifts into a book? 

 You'd love to have rave reviews and invitations to "be the expert" on podcasts and summits!


Then you'd want to know how to shape one magical snowball of a book:

Client Love: " Judy inspired me to keep this social marketing book fun and friendly.
I developed a unique way to help readers decide what is essential in life and business.
I'm already writing my next book with Judy!" Sally Hendrick, author of "Know Me, Like Me, Trust Me.
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Meet Judy McNutt, the strategically intuitive book coach.

"As happens for many entrepreneurs, I got into an unintended line of work by complaining. The misery of my "first book experience" drew questions, from change-makers like you. "How did you know what to write?" "How did you start?" "How did you find time to write a book while you were working and raising a family?" Soon, they asked me to guide their writing, then to read their manuscripts. 

They are brilliant at what they do and brilliant to ask me specifically for help because I was perfectly aligned to meet their needs and speak their biz language. 

I braided in my award-winning marketing and communications expertise, teaching experience, and authorship-leadership. These women found me at the crossroads of business expertise and spirit connection. I was literally the only source for sensitive women who wanted to begin and finish writing the books their souls must write." More about...


Judy is the author of Poetry of Days- The Author's Cut and the Bestseller: "365 Moments of Grace."

Which leader-author sounds most like you?

"Turns out, it's easier than I thought. I clarified my gifts, connected with my reader, and my book came through!"

"Once my book is published,  I look forward to feeling that "sought-after-expert status" people talk about.


"My dream was to change lives. It's very emotional; my book is doing that on its own."


"When you see your own words in print and online as the quoted author, it's frickin' cool!"


"My clients come to the coaching call having read Chapter 1. They are relaxed and primed to ask great questions knowing that details are waiting for them in the next chapter."

"My word-of-mouth & re-enrollment increased three-fold once I wrote the book on explorations in pleasuring for unconventional couples."


"When I realized my book would go on sharing my gifts and leaving a legacy long after I’m gone,  I made my book a priority."

Which one is your