What are the
7 Secrets?

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Of course there are a treasure trove of secrets, factors and practices writers may use on the journey but these 7 Secrets lay a strong foundation so you can simply show up at the page,
Rise Up and Write!

Desires, Habits, and Change: 

Remember the last time you tried to start a new practice or habit? Perhaps you tried to bust through your blocks to write a book. What happened that time and about a hundred other times? Did you end up quitting and feeling even WORSE than you did before trying something new? That's why this Blueprint is so good, and is ideal for women to want to get back to their writing after a long time away AND for women who desire to begin!

KEY TO SUCCESS THIS TIME: GO SLOW DOWN. By taking tiny bites, nibbles really, you will have room to create healthy practices and build on success instead of failure and suffering!

After all these years and all of these incomplete books and bodies of work languishing in the bottom of a drawer, you must get beyond trial-and-error methods. I know this path, I've walked it many times. My last time through the painful disappointment of failure I made a map so you can create a practice that helps you live the life of a writer everyday! This easeful path to Writerhood is for you, with love from me!.



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