The Year You Birthed Your Book- JOYOUS WORK GROUP



1. Dedicate your gifts to The Reader.

2. Next create a Fans folder in your email program so will be ready to receive raving love notes from adoring readers!

3. Now, follow my blueprint to becoming a successful published author!

Working together, we’ll manifest the book that’s always been inside of you!

- Your book will have your inbox blowing up with interview requests, client opportunities, and heartfelt notes from raving fans.

-Instead of what you imagine might be a monumental effort, you'll tap into a lifetime of experience and simply share your wisdom stories.

- No need to worry about stuff you've heard or always believed about writing a book. We'll take each step together so your book will have the very best chance of getting into the hands of the right readers!

- My background in expert marketing and imaging methods will help your book attract whatever it needs to be successful.

- You'll start attracting fans before you've even finished writing! My years of award-winning multimedia directing will uplevel your platform-building (such as Podcasts and Facebook Lives!)

When we work together, you will:

-write your book and prepare everything you need to take it into the publishing process.

-make weekly progress on your "book package" throughout the 12-month program.

-never have to stare at the screen wondering "what to do or what's next?"

-be working at a pace comfortable for you, conforming to your busy schedule.

- receive One Free VIP Master Session (Save $265.00!)

- be offered optional "Office hours;" mini-visits so you can get a quick answer and move on with your work.

- have 24/7 access to writing materials and tracking your work.

-get mastery-level eyeballs over your marketing concepts! 

- $ave time, money and hassle with easy access to self-publishing options. 

- receive discounts for my other writing groups and programs (cross-pollination!)

- have free access to my SuperSkills at naming, messaging, and branding any and everything to do with your book. (ask anyone who works with me about this!)




"ENLIGHTENED WRITING EXPERT- Sincere gratitude to - Judy McNutt for her patient coaching and incredible expertise in the art of enlightened writing. "

–Sheila VanZile
Book-Build Blueprint Bundles

"AFTER OUR SESSION, I WROTE A COMPLETE STORY- I want you to know that I feel like something has been lifted off of me. After we got off of our zoom call, I sat and wrote for almost 2 hours! I wrote a complete story. And I’m really gonna focus on telling stories...You are magical! Thank you so much for today. You always overdeliver!"

Dr Colleen McCann
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