You Came Carrying Gifts; will you Deliver Them?

Greetings, Gifted Being!

It is not unusual for sensitive, intuitive souls to feel the ill-effects of societal craziness, and few of us can solve even a fraction of the suffering in the world! That's why many of us isolate in our one little corner. But the source of the pain is not in the world, no. Our suffering stems from allowing self-limiting beliefs to block or sabotage our gifts.

Some of us wish our work would produce an immediate change in the world around us. But what if our job is to create a magnificent cascade effect, the results of which we might not see for years, even decades. Despite high hopes and great need, sometimes we allow ourselves to become overwhelmed, stymied, stuck, mired in the shadows, or distracted by society's designs.

You and I know what it's like to suffer from stuck energy, distractions, and low confidence. As a writer or a believing-it's-too-late-for-me writer, I hope that you don't lose faith in your gifts. Writing and crafting our messages at any skill-level, from any point of view, will contribute to world consciousness. Even highly contrasting ideas can produce an "upside" that will make a difference or create change.


We have practiced this model across millennia. The minute each of us was born, we sought reason and means to create.  We looked out into the world, and we started to shape our lives!  Art-making, building relationships, music-making, change-making, business-building, and passionate writing are all acts of creation!

Yes, I am aware of the suffering and misunderstanding in the world. I am also mindful of the societal and familial pressure on all of us every day. What I suggest is that we can stay stuck in self-limiting beliefs and judgments and thinking small, or we can begin creating a new vision, starting today, which will create change and awaken a better way forward.

Life is a gateway for what you came here to create! You matter, and so does your shyness, your absence, and your leaking energy.

So, wherever you might find yourself right now, sit down, pull a pen out, and find a bit of paper so you can write the story of that gateway from as many angles as you can imagine. Follow those notions as far as they take you and then begin again. You came carrying gifts meant for the world. Your work is to deliver them!

On behalf of The World, Thank You!

Judy McNutt, Writers Gift Mentor

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