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I never find "reminiscing" all that productive. For one thing, the past is–– gone! And reminiscing can be colored over by intent! This morning, I began an explorative journey into some intensely formative experiences in order to refocus my response to our present world-circumstances. Diving headlong into the closet, I found an old journal in which I had waxed poetically and passionately about my desire to be "more generative" with my work. I settled down to read, reflect, and make notes.

To be "generative" is to instigate social change!

This thought might be something–"What about spiritual change, transformation?" I'd scribbled at a careless angle across one page. "What is one word that embodies the instigation of spiritual change?"

"How might I move beyond societal norms into spiritual evolution with my writing?" I mused.

There are already so many beautiful and wise leaders. I've studied the Dalai Lama, Caroline Myss, Natalie Goldberg, Deepak Chopra, and Shakti Gwain. Mentors who stir my soul reach out from beyond their Ascension as well. ("I hear dead people,"  materialized in my thoughts just now. Don't get me started.)

I don't want to re-invent the wheel, but I would like to get a bit beyond what's "been done." Contemplating my principles, values, essence, soul truths, I tap into my spiritual brain, to search for a cohesive approach.

"Am I called to some direct action right now?"

"No rush," said my guides. Good, because I still have many questions. 

For today the salient part of a John Lennon song comes through, "You'd better free your mind instead." My mind flashes a picture of the infinitely-happy, laughing Dalai Lama. Perhaps his way is my way? He travels the world meeting friends, making friends, and helping/ being helped by friends. Travel? Ugh, no. Not now.


His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, says his idea of spiritual revolution is "not a call for a religious revolution." He does not advocate the Buddhist way of life, and his spiritual revolution is not "magical or mysterious." A practical man, he asks us to move away from our habits of self-preoccupation, towards concern for the broader community of beings. He teaches mindfulness and suggests that we recognize other people's interests alongside our own.

So what is at the heart of my attraction to the idea of Spiritual Revolution? Embarrassingly I may be too self-preoccupied with current events to notice that my idea of spiritual revolution could encompass the Dalai Lamas teachings and then some.

"You'd better free your mind instead." Hmmm.
At the time of the journal entry, I dug out of the closet earlier, I had entered a years-long "discovery" phase. Just ask my friends and family, even the people I paid to help me.
"My Discovery Phase" was full of questions. Here are just a few:
Who am I?
For what do I stand?
What do I want?
What is my true nature?
Are any further experiments, experiences, or possibilities necessary?
What have I come here to be?
What are my gifts, talents, skills?
What am I here to accomplish?
What needs doing?
Is it for me to do?
What Forces suppress me?
How might I leave a Love Note for the Earth?
What are my beliefs?
What is my DNA hearing?
What is my calling?
How, then, must I live and contribute?

So what is my conclusion? Another Spiritual Revolution, or perhaps an Inner Re-Vision?

"You say you want a revolution, Well you know, We all want to change the world. You tell me that it's evolution, Well you know.
We all want to change the world–––

You better free your mind instead!"– John Lennon



Listen, a seed has been planted in all of us, perhaps long before John Lennon put words and music to it. After years of suppression, we are awakening. I don't know about you but I had been setting myself up to retire and live the life of an artist. Instead, I received a pandemic, a calling, and a visionary message: 

"See beyond the world;

Serve the sensitive writers;

Share the awakening;

Bring the revolution of writers' gifts into the world!"

Revolutionary? Me?
How does one woman go about being a Revolutionary Writer's Gift Mentor?

"What is a Revolutionary?" was my first question.


The political and militaristic meanings for the word "revolutionary" don't ring any motivation bells for me, thank goodness. (Visions of wacko-compounds, bull-horns, sitting in the middle of a road, and a paddy-wagon are dancing through my head.) DON'T WORRY! Going to prison is not included in my vision, so nobody is going to have to bake me a cake with a file in it!

There is one aspect of REVOLUTION that illuminates my soul:

REVOLUTIONARY–"involving or causing a complete or dramatic change."

Ah! Complete or dramatic change! Now we are getting back to being "more generative!"

In my journal, I wrote of sitting on a bus bench in Old Town San Diego, eating a hand-made tortilla which I purchased from a Mamacita-cart. I notice I had been sipping a Mexican Hot Chocolate, contemplating Spiritual Revolution back then, too. "I chew, sip, and watch Mamacita. She has already been making and baking tortillas on a butane-heated griddle for hours in the hot sun today. I'm willing to wager that Tortilla-maker is not her only job."

What could I ever do that would change her life?

Did she even want her life to change? What is she doing to earn a living today, in COVID-times? For me, that Mamacita symbolizes Every Woman.

 What my soul-ego wants now is for my actions to be more generative than they have been. Generous and compassionate action for my peeps, my Anam Cara, must become a sustainable way of life for me, going forward. Hundreds of thousands of curious, creative, brilliant but spiritually exhausted women right here in North America, and of course across The World need mentoring, right now! Is that it?

Is Writer's Soul Mentoring going to be my generative way of life going forward? So much more than "writing coach," my work could be a deep dive into ways all of us can bring the best of ourselves into the world, to lead the world! 

"My work could be a deep dive into ways all of us can bring the best of ourselves into the world, to lead the world!" 

And that's where I got to today. Stay tuned, because I'm still listening to what my "Mentoring DNA has to say!

By the way, I'm curious. What are your soul-level, in-depth questions, and how goes your search for answers? email me at [email protected]


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