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How To Find the Time to Fall In Love With Writing!

inspiration Mar 27, 2018

My free energy e-boosters act like a tonic for your life and your writing. They are called Practical Energy Practices for writers. P.E.P's are simple, straightforward and effective energy for writing!

I hear you:

"But I have little to no time for myself, let alone for writing."

A common complaint of folks who want to do more (or ANY) writing! So I've combined focused writing practices with easy-to-do energy boosters to help you make time to write.

It takes only a few minutes to get energized and inspired. (You CAN multiply your benefit with essential oils. Please note, I do not sell or represent a specific brand of oil. If you and I are having a more in-depth conversation about this, I will share my preferences, based on experience.)

Each week your fresh step by step practice will unleash a neural cascade of body-mind support and healing; you receive Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual energy-boost that, among other aspects of your life, ignites your writing. The effects are cumulative!


This week we address feeling Jealous, Stuck or Rejected.

"Yes, really! A cure for Writer's Rejection."

"The Healing Key is to forgive and release stuck issues and sticky emotions, which act like glue in your bodymind."

TIP: "Apply Rose Oil behind an ear to help you hear the sweetness life has to offer."

You can Touch a smidge of Rose Oil over your heart for ease and comfort. (Or just touch your heart-center. Healing energy goes where your hands direct it!)

I UNDERSTAND you long to return to the flow of writing, so CONNECT, CONTEMPLATE, and for more direction RESPOND in writing to this question:

"What am I holding onto that needs to process though?"

(TIP: To make a list is sufficient! Then leave it alone.)


Physical action will get sluggishness and stuck energy moving, SO STAND UP and brush the stagnation (and contents of your list) away with sweeping moves. Imagine you are whisking the sands of time from your body, let it go and let it flow.

Visualize it all floating away, dead leaves upon the wind!

BREATHE and tune in to all available support (even if you don't have a name for it!) Write a few "I AM" statements on a small piece of paper:

"I AM the flow of energy into my work today."

"I AM confident and at ease."

"I AM energy at the right time and space."

(Use those or write your own!) Place your little I AM note in your shoe and walk around on it all day! Go about your work. Allow your delicious, secret energy to ignite your writing and to ignite your life!

DID YOU KNOW THAT If you'd like, you can receive PEP's for Free? SUBSCRIBE HERE!

TIP: Join a heart-centered writing group, and you will most assuredly fall in love with writing!  

All the Best,

Judy McNutt, The Writer's Energy Expert



Here's more about The PEP Promise:
Practical Energy Practices for Writers, reveals secrets that will unleash more time, increased energy and inspiration for your writing. PEP combines daily writing with meaningful action.

The optional use of aromatherapy lifts the Spirit invites your whole body to participate in the emergence of your true nature. A neural cascade of body-mind support is unleashed in your brain which produces a sense of Creative Freedom.

Even a small amount of daily writing paired with one significant movement or action provides a creative-energy boost that will have a surprisingly positive effect on your work and your life. In just a few minutes you get back more energy for your writing, your projects, your day. This practice makes you more productive!
You get more done in less time! Enjoy more life!

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