How to Break the Blocks so you can Write in Retirement, Now!


Are you at a sticking point or feeling blocked- 

in your writing,

with your life in retirement,

with a relationship?


Follow these steps to clear the way with FORGIVENESS FIRST:


  1. In a place where you will not be disturbed or distracted. Be still. Quiet the mind.
  2. Focus on The Situation you believe you cannot bear to forgive.
  3. Consciously or unconsciously that situation has become a BLOCK to your Creative Expression and the flow of life.


Now focus on forgiving THE BLOCK ITSELF, instead of the person/situation.


"I forgive and release my unwillingness to forgive "the block"

I am a Being-Still-Learning-to-Be.

I shift freely into Presence and Awareness."

and then, when it feels true add: "I feel relief and comfort."


In forgiving yourself, you have softened The Block enough to shift it aside.

The rest of the clearing can be done through Grace if you choose.



"Today I ask Spirit of Forgiveness to clear the rest and open my pathway to Freedom."

  1. Breathe. 
  2. Imagine the chains floating away and the relief of Forgiveness slipping unto its place.
  3. You will now have at least little space to begin the flow to create!
  4. You are at the edge of the pool. Push off in a new direction with, "Today I am here for ______________.” 


I can help you with this if you like.

Email me! [email protected] I'll answer back. It is my mission to help clear self-sabotage and prevent an unwritten story! xx Judy 

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