How to Have More of What You Love in Your Life Every Day


What if there was one thing you could do every day to Love Your Life? Who wouldn't like to feel a little happier?

What percentage of your day, would you say, is filled with joy, passion, appreciation, zest, and/or presence? What do you NOTICE and APPRECIATE, vs drifting your days through on auto-pilot?

What do you say you Love and what do you DO that you Love?

Perhaps you used to enjoy writing but you've "got away from it somehow." Did you know that writing is a gateway into loving the life you are living RIGHT NOW, rather than some date in the future that may or may not unfold?

TRY THIS FOR SEVEN DAYS- Use a page in the back or your journal, a recycled envelope on the refrigerator, or in a dedicated notebook to keep track of the stuff you love. Check your Love Page every day and make sure to include at least ONE in your To Do list! More? Even better!

 I include easy activities I love in each day. I adore you, so I do some Lovingkindness for others each day of my life. I adore my life so I include at least one other thing I love for myself in each day, too. Like writing the little stories I call Danglers.

Life and Love are all about mindfulness and intention.

Watch the video for more inspiration. I promise I'm not selling anything!

All the Best, May you Find Yourself Writing!

xx Judy

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