Here's How to Make Time to Write


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THE MOST COMMON complaint of busy businesswomen who finally want to write the book on their bucket list is


I put my best minds together to develop some solutions:

  • healthy habit-building
  • combined with easy-to-do Energy Boosters
  • to help you create some times in each week to write.

Via email each week, you enjoy capsules of clearing and inspiration that act like a tonic for your life, work, and writing. I call them Practical Energy Practices for writers or "PEPs," They are simple, effective writing energy generators to help you cultivate your schedule and allow time to build your book!

I hear you saying:

"But I have little to no time for myself as it is, let alone for time for writing."

Please, give my practices a try because it takes only a few minutes to get energized and inspired.

[If you like them, you can multiply your benefit with essential oils. Please note that I do not sell or represent a specific oil brand. If you and I have a more in-depth conversation about this, I will share my preferences based on experience.]

A fresh step-by-step practice will unleash a neural cascade of body-mind support and healing each week. As a result, you receive a Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual energy boost that ignites your writing, work, and life!

BTW- The effects are cumulative.


This week in Practical Energy Practices, we address Feeling Jealous (of other Businesswomen) Having the desire to rise and manifest a vision but feeling Stuck. You may be feeling Real or Imagined Rejection.

"What? Yes! There is a cure for Rejection which doesn't involve the eye of newt!"

"The Healing Key is to clear and release triggers, issues, and sticky emotions, which act like glue in your bodymind."


-Apply Rose Oil behind an ear to help you hear the sweetness life has to offer.

-Touch a smidge of Rose Oil over your heart for ease and comfort.

-No oil? Touch your heart center. Healing energy goes where your hands direct it!

I understand that you long to get into the flow of writing, so

CONNECT (with your inner guidance system)

CONTEMPLATE the question below, and then write a


"What am I holding onto that needs to process, through?"

(TIP: Mindmap a quick top-of-mind list! Then leave it alone. Don't edit or fix)


Physical Action always gets sluggishness and stuck energy moving, SO

STAND UP and brush feelings of stagnation (and the contents of your list) away with sweeping moves. Imagine you are whisking the sands of time from your body. Let it go and let it flow.

Visualize it all floating away, dead leaves upon the wind!

BREATHE and tap into your inner support systems. Write a few "I AM" messages on a small piece of paper:

"I AM the flow of energy into my work today."

"I AM confident and at ease."

"I AM energy at the right time and space."

Place your little "I AM" message in your shoe and walk around on it all day! Go about your work. Allow your delicious, secret energy to ignite your writing and to ignite your life!


By the way, you can start receiving my weekly Practical Energy Practices TODAY!

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Your friend, Judy xx, The Writer's Gift Mentor



Even a small amount of daily writing paired with one significant movement or Action provides a creative-energy boost that will have a surprisingly positive effect on your work and your life. In just a few minutes:

  • you get back more energy for your writing, your projects, and your day.
  • This practice makes you more productive, and you will see that you can, indeed, make space in your life to write your book! 
  • You'll get more done in less time! Enjoy life more, too! xx
UPDATED 11/27/2021



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