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Is Your Sleep FUBAR?

If sleep is elusive or excessive right now, don't worry! Sleep patterns are commonly interrupted after retirement and around the times of year when we move the clock forward or back.

Think of this time as a gift;

  • write down everything that's bugging you and dispose of it,
  • practice meditation,
  • read some pages of a lovely novel encased in a real book,
  • change your pillowcase,
  • enjoy some aromatherapy oil,
  • count your breaths backward from 100,
  • sing happy birthday to yourself,
  • create a Before Bed Blessing, Sleep Ceremony, or Relaxing Routine,
  • maybe even brush your hair for 100 strokes!

The good news is any of these practices pave the way for a healthier sleep.

Is something REALLY bugging you though? Perhaps you're toying with some ideas. Writing is a great way to capture the gold and flush the mold.

One thing is sure; when you're writing, you're healing. Come write with us and:

xx Judy

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