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An Awesome Way to Release Pent-up Anger

healing Aug 23, 2018

The message for this day was clear: Release Anger Energies so they won't damage your cells, your health, and wellbeing, or get in the way of The Work you came here to do!

Practical Energy Practices offer a flow-experience to release feelings of Anger. 

For highly-sensitive folks, some of the irritation you currently feel is seasonal, to be sure. Additionally, you may feel agitated, displeased, even uncharacteristically belligerent! Perhaps you believe yourself, or someone you know of (or someone you love) may have been wronged, violated, or disrespected. Let me say, of course, it is natural to feel anger. However, you need not STAY angry and suffer the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual cell-hit. Remember anger is fear or hurt, denied! 

Instead of continuing to harbor anger, shift into the field of RELEASE!

START WITH ASKING, "Are these feelings mine?" LISTEN. Immediately drop/release/let go of all feelings not your own. Other peoples' FEELINGS are not your work!

On loose sheets of any kind of paper, write out EVERYTHING that bugs you. Spell it all out. Go back as far into the past as you want. No slight is too petty. Do not be “nice or politically correct." These pages will only be present for this session, so there is no need to hold back!

NOTE: If at any time you feel discomfort, Self Soothe! You didn’t do anything wrong. Some of what I call our Soul Experiments here in this life have surprising outcomes. It all contributes to our unfoldment.


Seal your pages in an envelope, write the words CLEARED AND RELEASED on the outside and place this ANGRYGRAM in a safe and private place. We will dispense and dispose of it later today.

OPTIONAL SACRED OIL: Use any oil you like/have on hand, with intentions of clearing or willingness to forgive. Soothe ruffled emotions with oils of Cardamom, Frankincense, Orange, Lemongrass, Thyme, Summer Savory, Clove bud, Ylang Ylang, Lavender. Apply to back of the neck, and over the heart. Breathe it in!

THE GIFT- (or what you WANT to feel) is-

Internal Stillness.






Your True Divine Nature.

You are aware that all of this is being held for you until you are ready to receive it!

NOW VISUALIZE the connection with your Invisible Team (Guides, Avatars, Ascended Masters, God, Divine Feminine, Wisdom Holders or simply Your Higher Power) and ask for their loving guidance, help, and support. The I-Team will help you reflect on ways to exchange anger and agitation for Forgiveness and Light.

FUN AND EFFECTIVE VISUALIZATION: Remember those enchanted, marching brooms in the animated Disney film, "Fantasia?" Visualize them all marching for you, today. Their buckets are filled with fierce flames being carried to the magical well. As they scoop purified water into the buckets and the angry fires go out! Swish, fizzle. Ahhh!

MEDITATE TO ENHANCE THE HEALING- Tune in to your I-Team for Ideas, Images, Perspectives, Comforts, and Solutions! (I-Team= your Invisible Team )


1. FIRST IMAGINE burning your ANGRYGRAM. You will actually do this later, but clearing is energetically completed, right now. (If you typed it into a doc, drag it to the Trash & Empty, now and say, "Dewdrop!")

2. WE'VE DONE THE RELEASE. NOW WE USE WRITING TO HEAL AND REPLENISH- Pick up a pen and make a "JUICE List" (J.U.I.C.E.= Join us in creating energy!):

To make your Juice List, jot down ideas, strategies, celebrations, alternatives, plans, and protocol. Your List will support your emotional wellbeing going forward, so anger never gets a sticky foothold in your body, ever again! Keep this list and add to it over time.

TODAY- Write what I call "Medicinal Messages" on your JUICE LIST, too. Fast-Flow-Write "off the top of your head" without stopping to question or figure out, "How would I do that?" Some people might call these affirmations however Medicinal Messages are specifically-tuned with your intention today.

A Few Ideas for your list:

"I pour all my angry feelings into a bowl of water and extinguish them."

"There, there. This _______is not your work."

"Ah! Now, where might I shift further from here?"

"Yes. I feel anger, and I allow these feelings to be lessons learned, released and healed." 

“ I’m not going to make this bigger than me.” 

"My days are filled with so much more than ______!"

"This too shall pass."



"I am ______________and I recognize and validate my feelings right now! I trust that all things are working together and I am supported for my highest good."

Place your I AM Statement on or near your desk or someplace you will see it frequently! Ask for and act on Outside Help when you need it. Stay in touch, find yourself writing.


WRITE* A "Once Upon a Time" Fable or a sweet little story to leave a sweet taste in your heart and the world! Let's call them "Tales From The Heart!" (see the picture above for inspiration!)

*For 15 minutes of free guidance- Take the Writer's Awakening Quiz. Follow the instructions you receive in the email when your quiz is complete.


COMPLETION REMINDER- Safely burn, shred, or tear and trash your "angry-gram," today! Say the word "Dewdrop." out loud to complete. (Send me an email, I'll tell you "Why.")

May your angry feelings fuel a passing storm rather than feed a tiger,

Judy McNutt, The Writing Energy Expert


PS: Even a small amount of daily writing paired with one significant action provides a creative-energy boost that will have a surprisingly positive effect on your work and your life. In just a few minutes you get back more energy for your writing, your projects, your day. These activities increase the energy and potency of your productivity!

The Energy of Writing: "Bringing more Life to life!"

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