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Your Mission, Should You Accept It

Your Mission, Should You Accept It


My Mission/ Letter From an Invisible Team

One early morning back in 1996, I "listened within" (some people call this "channeling") and wrote myself a letter using these three words for inspiration: Puzzles, Incubate, Contract


April 11, 1996

Dear Sojourner,

So you've been born a Writer."Ah!" you say, "Not this again." But we say things are different now, and you can build on what you have already learned.

1. Pour those puzzle-words into your beautiful creative body center.

2. Incubate The Solution. Fear not! Unseen sources will manifest resolutions. {I had no idea what this meant! –j}

3. Add Energies of Love and Compassion.

4. Mix words with a splash of seeing yourselves As One, then open the mind to a story that has already begun!

Along the way, more than one person has said to you, "Haven't you taken enough classes?

Have you not read enough books?

Have you been on enough sabbaticals?

Suffered ventures-lost?

Attained enough degrees?

Have you not seen, done, been, and reached out, only to begin again?

HEAR US: {They said in words that crackled the air! –j} What if you stop all the madness and receive your marching orders right now? What if you are here to teach and to share from the natural edginess of your expressive soul?

"Now what?" you ask, {Only about a thousand times. –j} with your pen poised over a blank piece of paper.

Then it will hit you. It was there all along. You've arrived back at the beginning. This time, step out of the shoes of societal expectation and into the center of Your Soul, Being.

Once you lay your illusionary burdens to the side of the road, your writing-journey will set free the body, mind, and spirit. Writing delivers "all of you" to the shores of your revolutionary soul design! Gather friends and teach them to re-birth their souls and selves into the world through writing.

"It's not the act of writing, but Serving Souls that is at the heart of your sacred contract." {This is the moment I knew I was a Visioneer. –j}

Writing goes far beyond imparting pleasure or human knowledge. Continue to explore, examine, contemplate, test, learn, and then "deliver your gold;" the benefits of your wisdom, experiments, and discovery. Every time you birth words into the world, your mind, too, is free to fly!

So we say, "Meet more minds and free them!" Take up your mission: Attract the cutting edge minds of writers and revolutionary entrepreneurs and tap the veins of gold unwritten by writers who hoard and hold their soul-inspired offerings.


Break open the mold; what's inside of visionary writers is pure gold! 


Your I.T.

At last, I had my MISSION: "Meet Friends, Make Friends, and Help Friends."

xx Judy

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