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Authors (You're a Biz, too!)- Don't let "The Gap" get you!

begin your book branding Oct 12, 2018

According to new research, amazingly the Tech Skills Gap is by far out-paced by the Soft Skills Gap as the greatest knowledge gap in the business workforce world today! (I'll bet you would have guessed the TechGap to be #1!)

Soft Skills like oral and written communication, compassionate team management, etc are precisely where I have placed my services to help others!

Here's my TOP TIP to help you refine your messages/ products/ courses/ blogs, and books-

  • Cross-pollinate in a weekly writing group with like-minded entrepreneurial souls. Group interaction will help fill in your SoftSkills Gap and bring you back into alignment with why you wanted (or are considering) your own business.  
  • Connect,
  • clarify,
  • refine,
  • receive feedback,
  • focus,
  • audition ideas and offers,
  • research and create pieces of writing in a safe, inspiring online environment.

Start your own Group, or join ours!

LEARN MORE HERE: Come write with us!  Igniting Your Writing is what we do best!

xx Judy

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