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The "Don't know what to write about" Fix

You want to write, but you don’t know how to get started? Choose a story-stem, below. Imagine “what happens next,” and write that down. The easy peasy way to ignite your writing!

Dr. Landis is returning home after an all-nighter in freezing temps. She’d spent the night blood-testing, peering into her field microscope, and tending to a neighbors’ dairy-herd. They were continuing to die of an unknown disease, one by one.

Through the open farmhouse door, she trod upon a crazy parade of muddy raccoon footprints.” Hey, guys. Guys?” They probably can’t hear me, she thinks. Fox News is on the TV screen at full volume. My kids watching the news? The back of her neck prickles. Alarm registers in all of her body response systems as she realizes it’s a school day, early morning, her family should be here, but they are not.

The phone rings...


His focus was the first to go. He laid there in the diffused light, attempting to memorize the last view of the room as he knew it. The Chippendale sideboard polished daily to a soft glow still fragrant with lemon oil. Upon the darkly-glowing wood, a single photograph in a silver frame, the face too dim to see now. What is the farthest away thing he could see, he wondered? The ceiling fan on the softest setting turned slowly enough that he could see each blade.

The shadow in the doorway…


(Now it’s your turn! Do you still feel reluctant, shy, or stuck? Come write with us! Igniting Your Writing is what we do best!)

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