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How to Edit Your Story Like a New York Publisher

an editor's checklist Oct 13, 2018

You have finished writing the first draft of your story, a version of your whole story from beginning to end. Now it is time to edit, to revise your words to make your story clear and compelling, so the reader will continue reading after the first sentence. Are you wondering how to edit your story? Don’t worry; I have some advice for you.


Editing your story might feel like an impossible task, but when you have a strategy to use, you can be confident you can edit your own story and improve your writing.

Whatever you do, do not skip the important step of editing your first draft. According to David Remnick, the editor of The New Yorker, “Revision is all there is.”

17 Steps to Edit Your Story

When you say “editing,” many writers think of grammar or punctuation.

It is good to have all your commas in the right places and to make sure you don’t mix up to and two, too many...

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