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An Awesome Way to Release Pent-up Anger

Practical Energy Practices offers a flow-experience to release feelings of Anger. The message for today is clear: Release these Energies so they won't damage your cells, your health, and wellbeing, or get in the way of The Work you came here to do!

For highly-sensitive folks, some of the irritation you currently feel is seasonal, to be sure. Additionally, you may feel agitated, displeased, even uncharacteristically belligerent! Perhaps you believe yourself, or someone you know of (or someone you love) may have been wronged, violated, or disrespected. Let me say, of course, it is natural to feel anger. However, you need not STAY angry and suffer the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual cell-hit. Remember anger is fear or hurt, denied! 

Instead of continuing to harbor anger, shift into the field of RELEASE!

START WITH ASKING, "Are these feelings mine?" LISTEN. Immediately drop/release/let go of all feelings not your own. Other peoples' FEELINGS are not your work!

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