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Peer Here- Peek Into the Brain of Your Favorite Writer!

brain favorite writers Jul 05, 2018

Science has found a way to peer into the creative parts of the brain to answer some questions about creativity. Let me take you there!

I PROMISE- There is a method to my madness, a reason I encourage you to do some writing every day. Daily writing makes a significant difference in the way your brain works and facilitate you building in your own "onboard assistant in your brain." In the study detailed below, they found that the novice writers who were participating were watching their stories like a film inside their heads, while the experienced writers are narrating it with an “inner voice.”

THIS STUDY SUPPORTS MY REFERENCES to "The Inner Writer" in my work with others. I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts you have an Inner Writer, too. The article says that when the two groups started to write, another set of differences emerged, as well!

Deep inside the brains of expert writers, a region called the “caudate nucleus” becomes active. In the novices,...

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4 Ways Hormonal Imbalance Could Affect Your Life & Writing!

brain hormones stress May 23, 2018

Anything that affects the body or brain impacts everything we do.

Statistics reveal that almost 80% of women suffer from some hormonal imbalance resulting in a slew of physical and mental health challenges.

But what comes to mind when we think of hormones?

Menopause? Pregnancy? ‘That’ time of the month?

The truth is, our hormones contribute continually to numerous functions in the body, including heart rate, body temperature, blood quality, respiration, and bone health. It is nearly impossible to separate hormones from overall physical health.

Hormones do more than keep our bodies fully functional. They are our internal GPS. They help us tap into our very best self-confident, centered, radiating good health, in alignment with our authentic being. It is no secret that we can tap into this Inner Goddess. All we need to do is sync up our hormonal blueprint and let it guide the way!

When our hormones are out of whack, everything is affected. Symptoms range from acne,...

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