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C-word- Some days, We Write About The Devil We Know!

breast cancer Oct 20, 2018


A Story PLUS: The socio-economic sisterhood, the breast cancer connection and the latest links to info and Breast Cancer Resources, after the story.

Entry in my journal. October 26, 2009– Breast Clinic Office.

Moving a pile of “scrumpled” newspaper sections I take a seat. I pull out my pen and journal before I scrutinize the room; one bored-looking gentleman dressed in khaki pants, cambric shirt, and Sperry Topsiders; an older woman two seats over minding a toddler;  a restless, wiry Hispanic man of indeterminable age who is cleaning his fingernails with a small, slim penknife.

A few seats away from me a middle-aged woman is stuck to the edge of the waiting room chair like dried food on a greasy plate. Fatigued skin on her face, neck, and arms, hangs in folds beneath her threadbare cornflower blue dress. Stories roll through my head for each of the waiting room occupants. The woman in faded blue captures most of my...

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