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Why and How to Nurture Yourself with a Day Off!

day off Jul 23, 2018


Think back. Remember when you were a “Free and Easy" inner child. I'm asking you to dial back into your memory banks and listen in for your most carefree childlike qualities.

Breathe free in your mind for a few moments to refresh, restart, renew and expand your creative spirit!

After all these years of fixing and perfecting; seeking power outside of yourself, being a slave to fear, self-doubt and worry; seeking approval or permission; putting everyone else first, overdoing and over-giving; judging yourself and wasting time in the judgment of others.

Aren't you due for some fun, freedom, curiosity, wonder, exploration, excitement, trust and presence?

Recall and Re-use these all-natural actions:

  • "forgive and forget,"
  • "blow off the rules,"
  • smiling for no reason,
  • reveling in a joyful mess,
  • diving in fearlessly,
  • and no self-limiting thoughts!

I have written volumes on the virtues of these childlike qualities and the space they create in your creative center....

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