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What Would You Like?

curiosity relationships Aug 08, 2018

One day I asked a client, "What would you like?"

She replied with, "Why? Did my face give an indication that I don't like what's going on now?"

My questions often flow from curiosity, but at times they can feel more like a statement.

Let me offer an example, "Does that make sense?" This question could go either way depending on tone and circumstance, although I hope I would always be open to new information. 

My students might tend to hear "tone" even with none intended. My partner misses "tone" entirely, going straight to my question as a request for information, as in, "Are you going to leave this here?" Even in print on your screen you hear the tone, right? 

Perhaps the more adult approach in that circumstance might have been, "Do you suppose we could find a more permanent location for this?" Maybe. Maybe not.

What do you find in your relationship with questions? (Or in your question with relationships?) I am curious about what and how you think.

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