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Sharing: Pathways to Writing Without "BEING A WRITER" (Part One)

entrepreneur writing Sep 04, 2018

Imagine being one of the top 100 bloggers in the world. Ignore what poses as reality for a moment.

See yourself completing your book. Skip over the part where you start to write it.

You know you are one of the best in your field, now imagine the freedom of being "out there on your own!" Forget you feel like you can't even begin to describe yourself, your business or what you offer.

Many of us are inspired to be the next Elizabeth Gilbert, JK Rowling, or to create a beautiful website from which to launch a dream business like https://mcleanmeditation.com or https://holisticbodybasics.com

Moreover, if you believe there are hundreds of other writers and talented entrepreneurs who are much better than you, more capable, more tech-savvy, better-connected and more experienced, then you may never even BEGIN. As if to sound the death knell, from a hollow place inside you a voice says, "It would take years to gain a fraction of the skills they have."

Those self-limiting thoughts...

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Writing Helps/ Writing Heals/ Writing Awakens Life!

We all have methods of coping with what we don’t understand, of dealing with painful situations in our lives. One therapeutic technique that helps us heal in times of confusion, broken hearts, and deepest loss is simple but so very powerful—writing.

Photo by...

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How to Get The Most From Joining a Writing Group

Judy McNutt presents emerging children's author, Kristin Prescott who tells us why every writer should join a writing group-

So you’ve decided you want to write. Perhaps you want to share a personal experience or record a little piece of history. There may be fascinating characters pushing at the edge of your consciousness and plot lines teasing you as they urge you to risk discovering where they may lead. Maybe you have already started down a writing path and you’ve arrived at a crossroads. Which way do you go and more importantly, how do you decide?

writing groups image

Image Credit: Jeffrey James Pacres, Creative Commons.

As an emerging children’s author, I found myself at that intersection not so long ago. After almost 20 years as a news journalist, I was eager to let loose the restraints of facts and current affairs and let my imagination take control. But I had no idea if I could do it. My first supporters were my family. They nudged me forward to the edge of the cliff...

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How To Find the Time to Fall In Love With Writing!

energy pep practices writing Mar 27, 2018

My free energy e-boosters act like a tonic for your life and your writing. They are called Practical Energy Practices for writers. P.E.P's are simple, straightforward and effective energy for writing!

I hear you:

"But I have little to no time for myself, let alone for writing."

A common complaint of folks who want to do more (or ANY) writing! So I've combined focused writing practices with easy-to-do energy boosters to help you make time to write.

It takes only a few minutes to get energized and inspired. (You CAN multiply your benefit with essential oils. Please note, I do not sell or represent a specific brand of oil. If you and I are having a more in-depth conversation about this, I will share my preferences, based on experience.)

Each week your fresh step by step practice will unleash a neural cascade of body-mind support and healing; you receive Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual energy-boost that, among other aspects of your life, ignites your writing. The...

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