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Let's talk about why my Creative, Spiritual (not religious) and Unique Writing Strategies will ensure that you’re optimizing your time and focusing in the "power-places."
BTW- "Accountability" just means you get your projects completed, without feeling pressured or pushed. Deep energetic support makes The Writing Life lighter, more fulfilling, and easier to enjoy. Each session will energize and inspire because we will directly align with your innermost creative collaborator!

Let's Talk About You
and Your Gifts!

"Judy McNutt really does Ignite Your Writing! The session was heartfelt and fun! Judy knows how to listen which helped reaffirm what I already knew about my writing style and to clarify it further. I even learned things I wasn't expecting such as; my superpower, my writing brand, how to write a book without stress, and how to be the administrator of my own freedom! After the session, I went right to work on a blog post with renewed energy and immediately realized the ending was falling flat because I was holding back. It turned out to be one of the most authentic blogs I've ever written."

Gaye K, In the Middle, Blogger!

"Loved it, Judy! So much wisdom! All your tips are wonderful. Sure to put them to use right away. "

Saira P.

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