For the Wise Woman Writer with desires, fears, and uncertainties about publishing, you can rest easy now.

Here is a golden opportunity to pool resources with other experienced, retired, women like you who want to bring their work, words, hearts into the world in the form of a book!

This collaborative volume will hold polished pieces of life-changing, love-opening, truth-telling, spirit-nurturing, and healing work. Stories, Poems, Journal Entries, Teachings, Meditations, Essays, stand-alone excerpts from novels are being considered for inclusion. Acceptance Criteria based on merit and ability to contribute your share of the funds and energy across the life of the project:

“Wisdomkeepers’ Compendium” –a Workbook of Tales and Teachings from the Wonderful World of Wise Women Writers


  • Friendship (Found, Lost, Cherished)

  • GrandSharing- (For adults and kiddos together.)

  • The PoetTree- (Poems of a True Nature.)

  • Body and Soul- (Embodiment and Beyond.)

  • Sacred Rage- (When is enough, enough?)

  • Depletion and Renewal- (What we gave and how to recover.)

  • Awakening

  • Life-Wisdom Sharing

  • Sleeping Beauties- (Sweet Stories for GrownUp Bedtime.)

  • The Wisdom Well- Deep Teachings.

  • Bitter Sweets- (Mothers and Fathers and How they shape us.)

  • Your Theme or Chapter Idea Here!

Here's what you'll get:

  • -fast track “published author” authority
  • -inclusion of your 1500-word story, collection, or wisdom-teaching in the book
  • -professional editing and proof-reading
  • -advance sales materials and promotion guidance
  • -Early Believer Sign-up Bonus- free personal copy and more
  • -the book containing your words, available to all book-buying outlets
  • -free weekly group-writing and revision support
  • -you retain ownership of your work!

“Wisdomkeepers’ Compendium” A Workbook of Tales and Teachings from the Wonderful World of Wise Women Writers

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Taking the fearless path to authorship:

When you take the easy way to jump into authorship, you no longer fear rejection. The daunting commitment of writing a book, all on your own comes instantly to an end. Your name next to the words, "Published Author" becomes music to your ears.

A published author with decades of experience with broadcasting management, authorship production experience, teaching, and intuitive energy work. You'll have complete confidence right the way through the entire process with a transparent publisher experience in helping heart-centered writers make the quantum leap from words frozen in time to ignited authorship!

As a bonus to help support your writing and re-writes, the program includes free membership in a writing group, a $756.00 value. 

I hope you're excited to join us for, “Wisdomkeepers’ Compendium” A Workbook of Tales and Teachings from the Wonderful World of Wise Women Writers!

"I already know I want in. Sign me up."

"Because so much is handled for you, my 9-month program, Fearless Authorship, is perfect for a first-time author. I know you'll be thrilled to save time, treasure, and energy publishing a piece of your literary work in our collection. IMAGINE sharing your lifelong dream with family and friends! Gain respect as a "published author" and use that authority to leverage your speaking, teaching, or heart-centered business opportunities. A book makes the best calling card in the world!"                    –Judy McNutt, The Writer's Gift Mentor