How to Ignite Your Writing!

FIRST: Enjoy this free sample confidence and creativity method. You'll be writing and healing at the same time.


NEXT: Consider the words of one writer who wasn't writing and ask yourself how WRITING might change the story of your life!

"Judy helped me see the gaping hole that "not writing" had left in my life, and that my fears were just a story I was telling myself again, and again, and again." Lisa N.




How will WRITING help you?

Group Writing means Ease, Grace, and Joy for you!

Time, energy, freedom, a dash of healing energy and just the right words you need to create a satisfying piece of writing that day! No reason to fuss and worry with grammar, spelling, or other's expectations.

Get the $10 Taster; Sample Group Writing!

Break-through Visionary & Intuitive Writing Power!

As a retired or empty-nester writer,  join our group for easy-flow writing, deep-spirit connection, and a community of writers -without leaving home! Your Inner Guidance does the writing! 

Get amazing results from Visionary Writing!

Freedom from time pressures; healing, too!

This course offers a safe place to heal and cultivate your Creative Energy and lay the foundation for your writing practices. Learn that "listening" and your "I.T." can make writing ever so much easier!

Write on your own time, without feeling so alone.

"After the session, I went right to work on a blog post with renewed energy and immediately realized the ending was falling flat because I was holding back. It turned out to be one of the most authentic blogs I've ever written." –Gaye K. 2018

How will WRITING serve you?


You're a retired, or an empty-nester creative who is ready to write. THE CO-WORKING GROUP serves you time, energy and inspiration!

A virtual co-working studio in a clear and established creative climate. The focus is productivity support, and strong writer's accountability.

Come, Write with Writers!

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