7 Habitats

After working with hundreds of writers and wanna-writers, I designed this easeful path to Writerhood for us all! I wanted something that would shortcut your, in some cases decades-long trial-and-error methods of actually waking up every day as a writer. This deceptively simple little system will give results faster than you ever thought possible.

NOTES - In case you were wondering, there is an intentional play on words- Habitats (not habits). The idea is that "Writing is where you live," not one of the things you do where you live.

Each Habitat may seem simple, but I assure you these 7 steps will put you on the path to building a healthy heart-centered writing practice.

To that end, I'm particularly proud of #3 as it’s an approach that you’ve likely not experienced before- STARTING SLOW! Remember the last time you tried to start a new practice or habit? What happened that time and about a hundred other times, I'll wager? Did you end up quitting and feeling even WORSE than you did before trying something new? Perhaps you already have an inkling where I'm going with this.

By taking tiny bites, nibbles really, you have room to build on success instead of failure and suffering! Sign up and Click to buy now or  "JOIN MEMBERSHIP" below and The 7 Habitats of Heart-Centered Writers will be included FREE!

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