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Due Now: $83.00 USD

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For specific help, healing, clarity, support or the enrichment of more glorious one to one session time, schedule yourself for Clearing the Writer's Way, Private Session! $265.00 but Oooh, it's so Good! 

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Igniting Your Writing Online Group

This is the Ultimate Writing Group, designed to up-level the Wise Woman Writer inside of you!

How it works:  We meet weekly live on your laptop, via video-meeting using “Zoom” a software I’ll show you how to use, so we can all see each other and talk together. Includes…

- fun-for-you writing again

-learn to banish writer’s block

-enjoy a fun group of other women who are starting to write 

-laugh while you learn

-enjoy experiential exercises that have you writing without stressing about it

-heal the parts of you that sabotage your writing

-learn ways to write all kinds of stuff: creative shorts, poems, books, blogs, and even business materials.

-feel great every time you write.

-receive kind and gentle feedback that helps you become a better writer with every session.

-every group gives you an energy healing experience that lifts you up and clears out your bad moods and blocks!

My commitment:

I’ll be supporting you with advice, and guidance, and fun exercises.  I’ll also be tracking the group energy and giving wonderful transmissions that clear your energy and heal your self-sabotage.  I’m here for you on every level.