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Due Now: $84.00 USD

CREATE  "evolutionary momentum" on Wednesdays with the Igniting Your Writing Online Group! 

Wednesdays on Zoom I facilitate and hold clear creative space for attendees so you can:

- CREATE your body of work!
- Effortlessly access your word-gems and find yourself working "on demand."
- Up your game with tools and resources on the group page so you can get the most from our writing process
- Create a 7-minute "fastwrite" each week to use for the work you will share with the group the following Wednesday. (MOMENTUM to WRITE THAT BOOK/ BLOG, but it doesn't have to be that!)
- Receive USEFUL feedback.
- Understand and use more of your physical and non-physical resources for writing.
- Support and hold space for your whole Being! (Get a little "fix" in the mix- if you should need it!)

I offer this evolutionary writing group for SUBSCRIBERS ONLY so you can make plans to create your body of work, going forward!

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Path Three- Visionary Writing

THIS Monday at 10:oo am Pacific Time, Visionary Writing will begin for you. We'll start with Movement, Grounding, Deep Connection and before you know it, you'll Find Yourself Writing. You'll receive inspiration, and I'll share some intuitive methods which you can apply to your Life, your Writing, your Whole Being.

NOTE: At all times in the process, YOU are Sovereign Being and Master Storyteller. Every moment is a choice-point, and all pathways flow in both directions. You can always return to your comfort zone, or you can choose to continue into the rich and expansive life on your own path of The Visionary Writer!

Mondays in our Visionary Writing Group- 

  • CLEAR: Experience an effortless clearing process for bodymind and spirit,
  • CONNECT: with something more significant and more audacious than the egoic self.
  • COLLECT: Receive a uniquely effective Inspiration.
  • CREATE: Enjoy Writing Time  (Sharing with the group is optional. We will each offer only a word or two in soulful response to your piece.)
  • In the end, you'll receive precisely what you need to revel in robust writing. BONUS BENEFIT: A beautiful and firm foundation for your week to come!

(NOTE: To preserve special time for your, Sacred Space in this writing group will be limited. When the Virtual Sanctuary is Full, the doors will close. Listen closely to what your heart and soul are asking you to embrace. Give your Inner-Writer  a Voice, and some Time. Mondays at 10:00am Pacific Time, 90 minutes.–Judy)


Resistance is a crafty devil!

Thoughts in the mind can become barriers, and self-sabotage. I invite you to schedule a Free Discovery Session with me so I can address your inquiries. Schedule your free chat directly on my calendar at https://calendly.com/zoomjudy/discovery-session -If there are no good times available for you, email me and we'll work out something- [email protected]