a writer needs what she needs, at the point she needs it!



On-point guidance and inspiration to solve your problems, complete your project.


We start with a few questions or the results from The Quiz, then together we map a course to complete, facilitate, or begin your work:

More ways to use On-Point Mentoring:

  • thaw out those icy writer's blocks,
  • restore lifegiving flow to your book, blog or body of work!
  • clarify purpose
  • find your Fan (Who loves you, Baby?)
  • receive direct inspiration
  • learn new methods for "on-demand" writing.
  • receive feedback and co-creative energy
  • cures for self-sabotage
  • cutting-edge energy restoration
  • unleash your inner writer
  • fine-tune your brand,
  • nail your genre,
  • co-writing support for your blurb
  • receive tech support
  • Kajabi Mentoring
  • strategic words for your website,
  • platform-building strategy for a  book or business.

My Commitment:

In OPM (on-point mentoring) sessions, we'll satisfy the rubric we agree upon at the beginning. You'll receive one free follow-up call within two weeks!

I’d love to have a conversation about your particular needs or questions.  I’m curious to hear more about you.  If that sounds good you can sign up for a short, free, planning session so we can explore together. 

Use this link to schedule your Planning Session.

Writers Love

"On Point!"

The session was heart-felt, on-point, and fun! Judy knows how to listen, which helped me further clarify my writing style. I learned things I wasn't expecting, such as; my superpower, writing brand, and the stress-free way of writing my book! After the session, I went right to work on a blog post with renewed energy. It turned out to be one of the most authentic blogs I've ever written.


On having a life-altering 1 on 1 session with Judy- Yes. Life. Altering. In such a GOOD way! If you're a woman writer (of any type) check it out. Judy is so gifted. Writing....is about FAR more than just writing. I'm so grateful for the information she helped reveal about myself... I've been having so many insights and ideas that I am jotting down... and YES! Many of them will someday come to publication. Mark my words!