BEFORE you plan to build a biz website or ramp up a platform for your book, you must have the correct creative scaffolding in place!

What do you think is the largest Skills Gap in the Workforce right now? If you guessed Technical Knowledge, think again. According to new research Soft Skills are lacking- skills like oral and written communication! This is precisely where I can help you- getting your message through to your peeps!

 "There is nothing stranger than success... it subtly alters the very work we did to become successful in the first place. Whatever measure of happiness we find in our work, once we have arrived at a goal- whether it be setting up a business, signing up to a new job, writing a book or banking a sizeable amount of money- it takes incredible skill not to be captured by the very structures for which we longed so deeply in the first place and which originally seemed so grand and free and radical."

–Crossing the Unknown Sea:
Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity.
Riverhead © David Whyte

Are you are an overwhelmed, exasperated (therefore distracted) visionary?

TIP: I recommend that you cross-pollinate in a weekly Creative Mastermind Group with like-minded souls.  Connect, clarify, refine, receive feedback, focus, audition ideas and offers, research and create pieces of writing in a safe, inspiring online environment. Creative Mastermind Group interaction will bring about a refreshing shift if you have already begun to lose sight of why you wanted your own business.

What if the answer is not that you need to work harder, but WORD SMARTER?



TIP: Cultivate and craft powerful connections with your tribe, and you will already be doing the single best time-money-and-energy saver!



TIP: Use words that emotionally resonate with your clients and customers. 



TIP: Find and begin to use Power Words and you'll energize your blogs, sites, courses, podcasts, Facebook Lives, everything you do!



Even when you are doing your best, something can get in the way of your alignment with readers or customers. 

TIP: Make a meaningful connection between your customers, your strategies and your heart-centered "Why."


Ahhh! Freedom!
Take advantage of my support with energy-based business techniques, and over 20 years of writing and branding experience. When "Who you are, what you do, and who you serve" come into alignment, it all goes to work for you!



A soothing flow of success and happiness...

"I’m so grateful that I found Judy McNutt. I had an idea for a long time to build a business that would align with my values and my soul, but taking the step of getting organized and creating a plan seemed so overwhelming. I didn’t know where to begin.
The blocks were many and seemed insurmountable: — I never had enough time to evaluate the research. Not knowing where to start creating and naming products left me dizzy.

I did not even know how to express or create a sentence that described what I wanted to do!

But Judy is a good listener, beyond words even. She made time to get to know me, my passions, values and dreams. She listened and she cared about what was keeping me stuck and she helped me move beyond that story into my SuperPower!

Judy also eased my fears in aligning myself with a specific target (Oooh! I said on more than one occasion. I don’t want to exclude anybody!) She did some research and provided multiple options along with her highest recommendation for my consideration.

She understood exactly what I was looking for and together we created a business that utilizes my SuperPower and represents my beliefs and values. Judy provided extremely valuable and unique services

— I never would have thought of a business as a form of energy.

As a result of just a few sessions with Judy, I feel confident in my steps forward and have created my branding statement, named and structured all my products, created an authentic bio that aligns with my business, have a good idea of where to go from here and I have the peace of mind that my business will make a dollar while making difference to my customers and in the world,

and it all started with a free 15-minute consult." –Lisa B, Santa Barbara


Born of my work with students, writers, social media and 25 years broadcasting experience, I offer unparalleled multi-media expertise, and a Powerful Creative Scaffolding constructed to meet the needs of heart-centered leaders and entrepreneurs.




that on demand, you can create a simple, powerful message that will transform and integrate your soul, your business, your life and your clientele.



that this infinitely flexible tool is powered by your unique gifts and talents and precisely what you were put on this earth in this time to create.


that everything is waiting for you to simply unchain your heart and unleash your skills, gifts, talents and desires!



Feeing all alone?
Ever wonder what if...

-you could bring all of your gold to work with you?
-instead of pushing, you could refresh and refine what is already there?
-there was someone "out there" who knows the "mental shorthand" for you?
-there was someone who can help you find the words you need to put your business mission, vision and messages on the right track?
Because your wishes were born in the right place, at the right time!
I showed up just when you need me most! We are meant to create these wild new worlds together!

With Three Ways to find more heart and greater rewards in your heart-centered business:


I get it! A busy entrepreneur craves more hours in a day, and yet the work will flow so much more smoothly if you can make a little time to include my 7-week self-guided course in some nook or cranny in your day. You will heal the stuff that would otherwise keep getting in your way. Let me know if I can help!

Your Self-Healing Journey


I would have given anything to have had this mastermind writing group five years ago when I was launching my business! Here we are, every week, just in time for you! Write, share, get feedback and ideas- all in real time. Working in a live video-conferencing environment, you can participate wherever you are.

Mastermind & Write


You will need this bespoke One to One Session BEFORE you plan to build a website, or ramp up the platform for your book. This Powerful Creative Scaffolding will be foundational for the business in your life. YOU GET: Advanced analysis, energy work, a ninety-minute session, plus a follow-up session to refine and set your happiness flow! 

One to One 'til Done

Take a peek at how some
Creative Entrepreneurs
get their mojo goin'!

Isn't it time for your mojo to get goin', too?

Find more You in your
heart-centered business.

I see you. I hear you. I honor you.

Sign up for this unique One to One Session that will integrate the power of your soul, your business and your life!


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