You long to write?
I know what that feels like-

I love helping women finally awaken to their writing! I’ve been a teacher, a broadcasting director, a coach, and energy worker, and there’s been nothing that thrills me like helping women ignite the writer inside. Although I'm a best-selling author now, I know what it’s like to suffer from stuck writing energy…

I remember sitting in my public school classroom in one of the tiny student chairs at the tiny student group-table, eating my lunch out of my yellow and blue renewable, sustainable, beeswax sandwich wrap.  I enjoyed hearing the children buzzing like a happy beehive as they laughed and played on the playground, but I wanted to put my head down on this tiny desk and cry.  I wasn’t having a fun and fulfilling life.  I knew I needed to find my own playful creative self. I knew I should be writing. I knew I’d be retiring soon, and I wouldn't be able hide behind my busy teacher life for much longer.

That’s when I made the commitment to myself to write every day even if I didn’t feel like it.  And I did.  But it felt kind of lonely and miserable, even though I did get stuff written.  I was writing but I didn’t see the value of the work.  And I never realized that aloneness could feel so "noisy" and distracting.

But guess what? The more I wrote, the more I healed.  I learned how to listen beneath the noise and grasping.  And I mapped out that path.  I learned the way through.  And now that’s the path that I share with others.  Because I don’t want other women to have to walk that path alone. You don’t need to.  I’ve got the map.  And I’ve got the group of fun ladies you can walk along with.  We can make writing fun, together.


"Writing is medicine, and magic."

"Writing will be your constant companion well into old age."

"Writing creates sweeping and dramatic change in your life." –Judy McNutt, Igniting Your Writing


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