If you're curious, here's where you can peer into the cradle of my earlier work in the world. You're invited along on my journey through writing practices, wholeness, what I do and why I do it. The moment I became aware of my vibration as The Writer's Energy Expert, everything changed.

Formerly a public school teacher and broadcasting director, I now mentor retired women like you who want to create new worlds with words. I am passionate about my work because so many of us long to write, but something always seems to be in the way.

Ask anyone who has ever worked with me, even back in my radio programming days; I have a precisely-tuned capability to read people and their hidden pathways so I can guide them to their peak creative expression. That is why I am developing a Program to nurture and support the needs of women who want to write for themselves or the world.

The most important thing I offer is access to direct transmission of inspiration and energy. Recently I created a new, unique writing process that will ignite life and ignite your writing!

 I have already created a community of heart-centered writers and business owners where each of us becomes a vital part of the process. I call it the Energy of Writing and each writer's voice begins to blossom on the very first day of involvement! We all thrive together in the presence of inspiration, innovative facilitation techniques, focus, creative magic and subtle energy work. The feeling and results are extraordinary!


One of my SuperPowers is that I can step into the "energetic shoes" of my star-clients to facilitate the emergence of their True Nature. I offer "writer's energy" experience and I specialize in mentoring retired women who want to write or who intend to start a business.

I know what it's like to suffer from stuck energy, and low confidence as a "wanna- writer." PLUS, I feel the frustration of Start-up Entrepreneurs who are trying to find the best words to launch their business.

DID YOU KNOW THAT WRITING IS A NATURAL SOURCE OF POWER AND TRANSFORMATION? The minute each of us was born we began to create. As we looked out into the world, we started to create our lives; every one of us! Business and Writing are acts of creation, too! Yes, I am aware of the suffering in the world. I am also mindful of the societal and familial pressure on all of us every day. I'm saying we can stay stuck in those self-limiting beliefs and judgments or we can begin writing today which create change and a better way.

"Self-Healing, wellbeing, and business-building are acts of creativity, too!"–Judy

ANYONE can set off on a journey into writing, and for any reason. I suggest you begin at the beginning with a subject matter with which you are already intimately familiar- YOURSELF! I discovered a subtle, yet powerful piece of the puzzle snaps into place the moment you realize that not only can you contemplate and describe where you have been, but you can create where you are going just as surely! This is a little-known benefit of The Writer's Energy!

For some, it is a long road from "the way things seem to be," to soul-designing the way you want to live life or build a business today and in the days ahead. Self-limiting beliefs play a part in that movie, it twists and turns, and we get lost, off track, neglect that which we long for most, yet there is always a way through!

"I didn't know what I thought until I found myself writing." Judy, 2009

Today, I work chiefly with retired women and heart-centered start-up entrepreneurs because I too am a writer in business for herself. In my world though, no one is excluded just because I am choosing where to focus my energies. I invite you to join the journey (the fact is, you are already on the path and you can step into the stream of the experience at any time!)

My highest wish now is to offer support for you if you do not yet believe in your creative power or believe it is stuck somewhere. You may already have spent a ton of money on courses, classes, workshops, business coaches and webinars with nothing to show for it. Time slips away, have you noticed? I hope you will reconnect with your unique gifts and express your authentic voice through your work in the world or at the very least, get it down on paper!

My door is wide open for you! My unique Heart-Centered Writing Groups are healing hearts and minds, starting second-half careers, and birthing authentic businesses, blogs, and books. What we have here is nothing less than the True Nature of Creative Expression into the World.

Write me at [email protected]

Below, you can follow the journey over what, when, how and who I am, why I do what I do, and the way I do it, if you'd care to keep reading.

~My Life So Far~

"You say you want a revolution, Well you know, We all want to change the world. You tell me that it's evolution, Well you know We all want to change the world…You better free your mind instead!"–


The seed was planted in all of us, perhaps long before John Lennon put words and music to it. After years of suppression, we are awakening. I was setting myself up to retire and live the life of an artist. Instead, I received a calling, a visionary message; "See beyond the world; Serve souls; Share the awakening; Be a revolution!"
Revolution? Me?
How does one woman go about being a revolutionary?

"What is a revolutionary?" was my first question.


The political and militaristic meanings for the word revolutionary didn't ring any motivation bells for me, thank goodness. Going to prison was not included in my vision, so nobody was going to have to bake me a cake with a file in it!

There was one aspect of REVOLUTION that illumined my soul:

revolutionary–"involving or causing a complete or dramatic change."

Ah! Complete or dramatic change!

I began to contemplate "complete or dramatic change" whilst sitting on a bus bench in Old Town San Diego, eating a hand made tortilla I purchased from a mamacita-cart. I sipped a Mexican Hot Chocolate and contemplated Spiritual Revolution. I chewed, sipped and watched Mamacita. I knew she made and baked tortillas on a butane-heated griddle for hours in the sun every day. And this was likely not her only job. What could I ever do that would change her life? Did she even want her life to change? For me, that Mamacita came to symbolize Every Woman.

 What my ego wanted was for my actions to be more generative than they had previously been. Generous and compassionate action for my tribe, my Anam Cara*, had become a way of life. But My Tribe was going to be the hundreds of thousands of curious, creative, brilliant but spiritually exhausted women right here in North America, and of course across The World. Could I create a generative way of life going forward?


To be "generative" is to instigate social change. What about spiritual change? Is there a word for instigating spiritual change? Perhaps in some way I might move beyond societal norms into spiritual evolution?

There are already many beautiful spiritual leaders. I have studied The Dalai Lama, Caroline Myss, Natalie Goldberg, Deepak Chopra, and Shakti Gwain. Mentors who stir my soul from beyond their ascension play a part as well. (I hear dead people chiming in. Don't get me started.)

Contemplating my principles, values, essence, soul truths, and my spiritual brain, I searched for a cohesive approach. Is direct action called for right now? "No rush," said my guides. Good, because I still had many questions. A certain part of Lennon's song nagged at me, "You'd better free your mind instead." I pictured the happy, smiling Dalai Lama. Perhaps that would be the way?


So what is at the heart of my Spiritual Revolution?
His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, says his idea of spiritual revolution is "not a call for a religious revolution." He does not advocate the Buddhist way of life, and his spiritual revolution is not "magical or mysterious." A practical man, he asks us to move away from our habits of self-preoccupation, towards concern for the wider community of beings. He teaches mindfulness and suggests that we recognize others people's interests alongside our own. Embarrassingly I was too self-preoccupied to notice that my own idea of spiritual revolution should encompass the Dalai Lama's, and more.

"You'd better free your mind instead."
Thus I entered a LONG discovery phase. Just ask my friends and family, even the people I paid to help me.
"My Discovery Phase" was full of questions. Here are just a few:
Who am I?
For what do I stand?
What do I want?
What is my true nature?
Are any further experiments, experiences, or possibilities necessary?
What have I come here to be?
What are my gifts, talents, skills?
What am I here to accomplish?
What needs doing?
Is it for me to do?
What "forces" suppress me?
How might I leave a Love Note for the Earth?
What are my beliefs?
What is my DNA hearing?
What is my calling?
How then must I live?

Side bar in the middle: I'm curious. What are your questions? How goes your search for answers?


I folded my beliefs into the Spiritual Dream Pie;
~Vision and Unseen Energies are real.
~~Visioning is a superpower.
~~~Love is an energy resource.
~~~~The Problem is a container for the Solution. (this is a biggie!)

Years went by. Retirement arrived and I still didn't own my marching orders.

More than one person said, "Dr. Judy, haven't you taken enough classes, read enough books, taken enough sabbaticals, got enough degrees, published enough best sellers?" (ok one bestseller, although my book Poetry Of Days hit the Bestselling Poetry List for about a week!)
"I get that I am to teach and share and that I am a cutting-edge expressive soul. Now what?"(I asked this about a thousand times.)


All of a sudden it hit me! It was there all along. I even highlighted it in my first sentence in bolded type so your mind could get a head start if it noticed. Scroll back up and look. There it was, a revolution in my perception, at that moment! See, Serve, Share and Be. I'd arrived back at the beginning, I knew I would step out of the shoes of societal expectation and into the center of my soul-being. After all, this is an All Souls Revolution;

"You'd better free your mind instead."

Now things are speeding up. My holistic writing journey freed my body, mind, and spirit and delivered "all of me" to the shores of my own revolutionary soul design. My calling is to gather my tribe and teach them to re-birth their whole souls and selves into the world. I must teach. That is how I "Serve Souls" as a part of my sacred contract because what we learn goes far beyond earthly knowledge. So, I intended to continue to explore, examine, contemplate, test, learn, and then to "deliver the gold," the benefits of my wisdom and discovery to you so your mind, too, will be "free, instead."

See, Serve, Share!

Create a Generative Business: Meet minds and free them! Ah! To that purpose, I took myself through The Happy Startup Homeschool, then founded a business and a website to share the wisdom; the Advanced Wisdom Academy. In the Advanced Wisdom Academy I brought together cutting edge and revolutionary entrepreneurs to share their mind-freeing offerings with visitors to my site.


Because everything we do, think and feel affects our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life, the time came for us to be different in our minds in our lives and in the world. I've begun to work with women writers and women who think they will never be able to write. My belief is, "There are MANY reasons and ways to write and more than one way to live the life of a writer."I became aware of my vibration as The Writer's Energy Expert.

Writing is medicine, magic, and writing will be your constant companion well into old age. Writing creates sweeping and dramatic change. A revolutionary idea, indeed!




"Kick off your shoes," I say to my writers. "Step out of those old soles, threadbare from trudging along the way things are, and step into the freedom of your soul. Join me in the light of the magnificence of who you are!" If you are so inclined, I ask you, too to begin to write down everything you can think of that could change the world. We need the words so we can be better dreamers. We need you!

The more you shine and share, the stronger and more robust will be our community. When we shine in our true nature, we build better communities, so we can all live in a better world. Remember, we are "involving or causing a complete or dramatic change." This is the "Be Who We Really Are Revolution!"

FLASH: If you are a writer, or want to be, you must IMMEDIATELY sign up for one of my writing groups. BIG MAGIC is there for you, I promise!

"See, Serve, Share and Be!"

Mahalo, Dr. Judy

*According to Celtic spiritual tradition, the soul shines all around the body like a luminous cloud. When we are very open ~ appreciative and trusting ~ with another person, our souls flow together. "This is the basis of our work together, and you are invited to join me in sacred space workshops, retreats, e-courses, and in-studio at, or on Facebook at

Personal Contact: [email protected]
My art can be perused and purchased at "Visionary Arts"


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