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Don't just buy books- WRITE THE BOOK YOU WANT TO READ! You don't even need to know what you want to write, yet because when you feel the flow of The Group you will Find Yourself, writing. NEW GROUPS FORMING NOW! [email protected] to let me know what days and times are good for you! REALLY!


Whether you find yourself in Soul-Discovery or Writing Recovery: you don't even need to know what you want to write, yet!

The Whole-Soul Writing Exploration Group

Writing Exploration is your weekly opportunity to get clear, to connect with like-minded writers, to experiment, enjoy, heal, and be heard, to receive feedback, and to create prompted pieces of writing in a safe, inspiring online environment. 

I have been called the Feminine Master of Key Messages and writing development, helping heart-centered writers & entrepreneurs find & refine their writing SuperPowers.

I created these writing groups for specific Writer's Archetypes. Each week we gather to clear what needs clearing in order to to get down to soul-deep writing. I tune into the energy of The Group and provide precisely what is needed and desired for each session.

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Explore and Unleash the Soul of your Inner Writer!

Your Writer's Archetype Is Writing Explorer if nearly everything about writing calls you but you don't know where to start. You used to write, you even start a book once upon a time but never finished it and that bothers you. Don't worry. I can help guide you step by step.

Your Heart-Centered Writing Mastery awakens virtually effortlessly when you tune to who you really are and what you came here to write.

In these bespoke soul sessions, we uncover, discover, or recover your writing SuperPower, even if you have no idea what you might write!

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Created for women who are already writing and want support, and for women who long to reconnect with their writing.

The Avid Writers Writing Group

The Avid Writers writing group is where you will receive energy clearing, guided connection. Each writer will select a path for the day and create pieces of writing. And finally, your voice will be heard in a safe, inspiring online environment.

Many call me a Master of key messages and writing development, helping heart-centered writers & entrepreneurs find & refine their writing SuperPowers.

There are writing groups for each specific Writer's Archetype. I key off of the energy of The Group and provide precisely what is needed and desired for each session.

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Avid Writer: One to One Session

Is that still, small voice within you calling for action? Would you be curious about your "writer's brand" and what it can do for you, your book or platform and your future?  Working with me is the very best way to Find Yourself writing, (finally!)

Where are you now, with regard to your goals and purpose?
What are your challenges? What has been getting in the way of 100% Satisfaction?
What are you looking for?
Specifically, what would you like to get out of this session?

As a broadcasting program director and marketing guru for over 25 years, I know what it takes to become the best in any word-based industry. 

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Flow instead of Push! Birth your beautiful business, blog or book into the world so others can find you!

The Leaderful Mastermind

Welcome Startups and Authors! 

Freedom is about the strongest attraction to working for yourself. At yoga class prices you can gather with like-minded writers and heart-centered business owners to focus, connect, audition, research, refine, and create pieces of writing to support your book, your business or "dream-startup' in a safe, inspiring online environment. One-to-One support is recommended for focus and support specific to your situation in addition to cross-pollinating with like-minded entrepreneurial souls! 

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One to One Cultivation for your BOOK, BLOG or BUSINESS

You receive individualized attention from a Master of key messages & branding for entrepreneurs. We will find and refine the essence of your entrepreneurial desires so you can enjoy a better business experience.

You're building a business or a platform for a book. Your intuition prods you to "revisit the underpinnings of your business structure," but what you really want is to be happily involved in the business of your dreams! How about both? The answer is waiting inside your "Why." 

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Bring Your Message, Gifts
and Talents to the World!

It's about Freedom!


"Judy McNutt really does Ignite Your Writing! The session was heart felt and fun! Judy knows how to listen which helped reaffirm what I already knew about my writing style and to clarify it further. I even learned things I wasn't expecting such as; my super power, my writing brand, how to write a book without stress and how to be the administrator of my own freedom. After the session, I went right to work on a blog post with renewed energy and immediately realized the ending was falling flat because I was holding back. It turned out to be one of the most authentic blogs I've ever written. "

–Gaye K
One to One Session

More "not writing" than writing in your life?

Let's clear what may be in the way!

A Self-Healing Journey

$77.00 USD

START HERE to gently heal your creative inner being, your passionate soul. You can work on your own time, march to th...

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Looking for a thrifty kit to get started on your own? Then there are seven things you must do...

To Live the Life of a Writer

$7.00 USD

Shortcut your, in some cases decades-long trial-and-error methods of actually waking up every day as a writer. T...

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