Weekly Writing Confidence-builder to enhance your Writers Gifts!

Practical Energy Practices


When you sign up below, you'll receive admission to "PEP for Writers and Creatives!" 11 weeks-worth of time-efficient energy-practices that will help you feel better, write better, live better!

Here's what you get for my uber-low tuition:

-Easy-flow writing experiences

-Transformative body-movement, or suggested energizing actions for the bodymind and soul.

- My Wisdom-keeper Method of support for The Writer's Life!

PEP can be done in only a few minutes each day or as often as you like.

WHY PEP WORKS: When you practice regularly a "neural cascade" of body-mind support and confidence is unleashed, so that your Writer's Gifts are gently, but thoroughly awakened and you:

 Find Yourself Writing!


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