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The Blueprint lays out a sure and steady way to get beyond fear and live your life the writer's way: Build a gentle, doable, stable, writing practice without going into overwhelm!

- With these easy steps you build on success instead of creating more failure and suffering!
- Build healthy habits FIRST, 
then pull out your incomplete book or body of work languishing in that bottom drawer.

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Today, Nadia wrote in about The Blueprint AND the quiz!

Judy, thank you!! I loved the Writers Gift Quiz I took after downloading the Writers Gift Blueprint. Yay!! The Quiz really nailed my gifts and kryptonite!

✨I love writing ( and communicating) because it makes me feel ALIVE.

✨Surround yourself with cheer-leaders not fear-leaders!

✨I wrote something today. Yay! I am a Wise Woman Writer! ( I am writing right now, (teehee) playing with words and expressions.)

✨"Curl up with a good book every day. Share the love with others. 'Listen to this! It's wonderful." Yes! I'm doing this!

Thank you for this reminder Judy! So natural, and it brings me great JOY. This morning I read Quiet Power Strategy by Tara Gentile and shared a quote with Karianne that fit with a phrase she used yesterday. Wow! Beautiful synchronicity.

✨I have pens and journals all over the house, rooms, and in my travelling bags. LOL.

✨I will try-out wearing my personal writer's love note in my shoe today. 



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