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"How did I get here?" 

"Judy McNutt, here, what's goin' on?" I used to ask that every day on the radio where for me, it was all about connecting with The Listener. Over the course of the last few years, my "listener" is now the Inner-Author of the womanpreneur who is ready to have her book done, dusted and ready to publish!

Interview with a McNutt

Q. How did you get from radio management and marketing to mentoring women's course creators to write a book?

A. In my book the WooWoo answer is the honest answer. The soul-calling and desire of these women to write a book that makes a difference in the lives of others" called me in to help, because we both want the same thing, a better life experience in a better world! 

Q. Why are you working exclusively with alternative health practitioners, intuitive coaches, and women's online course creators?

A. I grok* this specific family of womenpreneurs because I've been in business at least part-time for many years. When you're a public school teacher (my second career), you have to do something to make ends meet!

* to grok is to understand (something) intuitively or by empathy.

Q. Woah! When did "public school teaching" get in the mix?

A. After radio burnout, before Covid. I retired from formal teaching and published a book of poetry and art. That gave me the first hand preparation for participating in an Amazon Bestseller which got me interviews, which brought women wanting help with their books to my gate. Based on all of my life experiences and awakenings, I started Masterminding a proprietary way of building a publishing package, and writing books ready to go to the publisher.

Q. Then came the quantum leap?

Q. Yes. I noticed in my business-minded women's relief-writing groups that with the idea that one of them could and should write a book she was filled with doubt. I felt two things.

Q. Which were?

A. Compassion and a fire in the belly! It's interesting that a woman's soul urges her to share her gifts, and at the same time, she fears she will be attacked or killed for it. Marvelous and magical as it is, the human brain wreaks havoc in the lives of creative humans!

"Your brain is not the boss of your soul, and the brain is only a small percentage of your body, so why do we let the brain imprison what the soul came here to do?" –Judy McNutt-Mentor.

This concludes my interview with Judy McNutt. Judy is a mentor working with coaches, by her own description, woo woo practitioners, course creators, and women who see a book as a beautiful way to make a difference in the lives of others:

  •  Masterminds; wisdom keepers, Goddess Ministers, Feminine Masters. What do you call yourself? A" Woo woo" coach?
  •  Are you a practitioner, intuitive expert, healer/ reader/ guide/ herb gardener/ tincture maker?  Yes, you want to help people have a better life-experience, too!
  •  Finally, you might be a women's course creator. A worldwide change expert or artisan!
  •  BTW-Off-mic I asked Ms. McNutt whether she thought she was gender-biased. "No." she said with a self-confident gaze, "It's just that wise women working chiefly with other women are my wheelhouse. I can read them, guide them, open their souls, so their gifts will pour out into a book that I know the world needs (before they even know for sure)." I'm Terry Gross, and this is Fresh Air.


If you're looking for a ghostwriter to take you from pen to published, that's not me. Traditional Publishing is too dense for my sensitive being. Anyway, self-publishing makes infinitely more sense; you maintain your sovereignty, ownership, and a more significant percentage of book sales.

That said, I love to help an author produce their publishing "package" pre-write, and write a book ready to move into the publishing process, which is far more than the vast majority of writers and writing coaches.

AM I EXPERIENCED? Published author of a book still available on Amazon and contributor to an Amazon Bestseller, 365 Days of Grace.

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  • You started writing. 4 chapters in, you stopped.

  • 18 months later, you felt inspired, enrolled in another course, and bought some supplies. (I love pens and journals, too!)

  • Some writing got done, and then your business called you back to solve a crisis or to level up. You forgot about your book.

  • 2 years later- you're convinced a book will be good for business, so you spend more money on courses, classes, and coaches to the tune of "No Book Today."

  • Now your book bothers you.

  • You make a fast start. You're a model student, but it's hard to do business and keep up; you fall behind, learn some good stuff, practice some of it, use some new methods, and write a bit more. And then-

  • You. Stop. Writing.

  • "I give up. I'm wasting my time with another vanity project." (Strangely enough, no writing happens here, but you are quite prolific with self-sabotage-talk!)


There are Five Things you must know before you even start writing that will get your book into the hands of more readers!  TAKE THE QUIZ AND SAY "YES" TO GET ALL OF THE RESULTS.

So, if you're all finished with your work for the day, marketing, and social media done and dusted, you're cozied up in bed chillin', and you'd care to have a go at writing the book you've been searching for all of your life, I say you're ready to J.U.I.C.E.!

You're invited to take The Writer's Gift Quiz, which is all about revealing your gifts so you can write your book with ease and when we celebrate the completion of your manuscript and book package, and you move on to publishing, you'll already be ahead of the game!

PS- When we meet, ask me what J.U.I.C.E. means and what's up with the creatures at the top of the page. Write it down if you're curious! xx Judy

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"Thank you for the quiz consultation and recording. I found it so interesting and inspiring. I put my Amethyst necklace on this morning, and because it’s cold here today, I’m wearing my gold pashmina around my shoulders. So I’m drinking in all that violet and Queen Bee, Conscious-Creator energy before I write today." –Jan in the UK.

"I found it so surprising and right on. Magical!" Yvonne in Ukiah, California

"Surprisingly accurate!" Lauren in New York

"This was great, and it let me know I'm on the right track plus inspiration to grow as a writer." Suzanne, mentor to at-risk women and published author.

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