You long to write?
I know what that feels like-

I love helping women finally awaken to their writing! I’ve been a teacher, a broadcasting director, a coach, and an energy worker, and there’s been nothing that thrills me like helping women ignite the writer inside. Although I'm a best-selling author now, I know what it’s like to suffer from stuck writing energy…

I needed to write, I wanted to write, and yet I absolutely could not write!  

I had been writing since I was eleven years old, but when both of my parents died on the same day, eight days before my birthday, my world and my writing practices slid away beneath my feet. As the eldest in the family, there was little to no time for my grief, and my writing as a trusted resource for relief and healing failed me. I was lost, without a map to find my way back to balance.

I found a way through that painful time, thanks to my Inner Guidance and what I now call Visionary Writing. Since that painful, sudden loss of my parents, I have continued to access my deeply-held Spiritual connections as a resource for writing and healing my soul.

To recover from loss, I made the commitment to myself to start writing every day even if I didn’t feel like it. I started with short poems (they were little, non-threatening, concentrated bits of emotion and energy), but writing poetry produced a new kind of "lonely and miserable."  Truth be told I longed to "lose myself" in the writing of a much longer piece of work but had no idea how to start. Half of the words I poured out unraveled the kinks in my life. I felt disconnected. I didn’t see value or purpose in the work. I never realized that aloneness could feel so "noisy" and distracting.

But guess what? The more I wrote, the more the simple act of writing healed my soul. I learned how to listen beneath the noise and grasping. I learned the most important thing was to CONNECT with my Inner Guidance, which was the thing that absolutely would not let go of the idea of Writing! That's when Spirit whispered in my ear, "So many stories are being lost!" I heard that, and I mapped the pathway for you so no more stories will be lost! I listened and learned the way through, and I discovered the secret to creating "on demand." And now that’s the path that I share with others because I don’t you to have to walk that path alone. You don’t need to. I’ve got the map. Moreover, I’ve got groups of fun, like-hearted ladies you can walk along with, too. We love that writing is fun and easy and rewarding!

Writing helps, writing heals!

More Life in Writing

Since my early days in Radio Marketing/Programing and Public School Teaching, I have worked one-on-one to guide writers of all skill levels through the process of getting clear, connected and creating a soothing flow into the world regardless of personal circumstance and life is FULL of circumstance, don't you find?
"Now I know that Writing from Inner Guidance will never let me down, leave me lost or cease to amaze me. Visionary Writing is the Map I created for myself and others to follow." –Judy McNutt


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