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About finding ourselves, writing...

I'm a Book Doula specializing in easy, time-saving ways for you to finish writing your book while minding your business.


What were you led to believe about publishing?


#1. They told me, "Thousands of books go unpublished every month." (I wondered, "How is that remotely helpful?")


#2. "Write what you know." (What if I don't know what I know until I start writing?)


#3. "You need to share your vulnerability, plus all of your jumpstarts, tips, and hints." (So that's it?)


#4. "Don't worry, your pretty little head. Leave the rest to the professionals."

(Uhhhh, No!)


NONE of those statements is true for you because you can imagine your book nestled in with these:


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Now here's a sip of my story: My work and experience in radio, TV, publishing, and managing life with a disabled child taught me that there are always better answers on the other side of society's exclusivity gate! So my mission became to bust and reveal jealously-guarded secrets. What that looks like today is my passion for finding ways to help you to get a leg up on all those other hopeful authors out there, "Bless them."

(Guess what "Bless them" really means if you live in the southern U.S.? PBHTGTSTS! Ask me what this means for a unique gift when we meet!) LOL!


Below, I'm going to tell you about the solution to your book-build, time-crunch dilemma. I am not going to tell you to continue breathing normally with a bag over your head!

Choose easeful flow, or pushing to write your book the way it's "supposed to be:"

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  • Start writing. 4 chapters in, you stop.
  • 18 months later, you feel inspired and buy some supplies. (I love pens and journals, too!) Write a bit, and then your business calls you back to solve a crisis or level up. You stop writing.
  • 2 years later- you're convinced a book will be good for business so you spend tons more money on courses, classes, and coaches to the tune of "No Book Today" and it bothers you.
  • You make a fast start (you're a model student, but it's hard to do business and keep up; you fall behind, learn some good stuff, practice some of it, use some new methods and write a bit more. And then, You. Stop. Writing.
  • "I give up. I'm wasting my time with another vanity project." (Strangely enough, no writing happens here, but you are quite prolific with self-sabotage-talk!)


  • First take a look at your gifts, intentions, purpose, methods, desires, beliefs, and people.
  • That takes less time than it takes to finish a cup of tea!
  • My 9-question quiz does that for you, and that's why the First Step is to take my Writer's Gift Quiz.
  • Second, say, "yes," to receive the results (in person with me!) 
  • Now the power of ALL of your gifts, intentions, and audience can go you work for you instead of all those perceived shortcomings and assumptions tearing you down before you start!
  • It's clear that you are dedicated to helping other women find their way.
  • So your clients are going to be on your side and since they are trailblazers and early adopters, they will fan out in all drections to spread the word about your awesome book around the world!
  • These women are your fan base, and right there, you have that "leg up" on the competition!
  • Your time has come. It is time to share your life-changing work in the book you've carried inside you all your life!
  • There are Five Things you must know before you even start writing that will give your book a better chance at being a Bestseller in your field!  TAKE THE QUIZ TO BEGIN!

When I realized the time was ripe for so many women to share our gold with an audience in need of wisdom and guidance, I set out to find better ways to business-build for future writers.

One of my mentors was a business shaman, another a woman whose teachings I could "hear and follow with ease." Another role model is a publisher with a big heart and 10X inspiration!" I wonder whether you see the divinely guided purpose behind my wide array of life experiences, qualifications, and cutting-edge methods? The way I look at it, my unique set of skills, teaching, authorship, multi-media communications design, business development, and lifelong work with emerging writers now saves you time, money, and energy! My Gift brings your Gifts into the world.

Working together, we’ll manifest the book that’s always been inside of you and have your inbox blowing up with interview requests, client opportunities, and heartfelt notes from raving fans. Your clients and friends can take my quiz, too! It's fun to get a fresh look at their gifts and how they tick! writersgiftquiz.com 

Love Notes

Women like you have taken my amazing little quiz, received their results, and spontaneously responded with so much love I'm honored to share some of their words below:

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"Thank you for the quiz consultation and recording. I found it so interesting and inspiring. I put my Amethyst necklace on this morning, and because it’s cold here today, I’m wearing my gold pashmina around my shoulders. I’m drinking in all that violet and Queen Bee, Conscious-Creator energy before I write today." –Jan in the UK

"I found it so surprising and right on. Magical!" Yvonne in Ukiah, California

"Surprisingly accurate!" Lauren in New York

"This was great and it let me know I'm on the right track plus inspiration to grow as a writer." Suzanne, mentor to at-risk women and published author.