Hey! You know how some women long to find themselves writing every day, yet something always seems to get in the way?

Some of them are retiring now, and still, no writing. What makes them so hesitant to get started on their own? Shyness? Self-limiting beliefs like, “I’m too old, not good enough, I don’t know what I want to write, my brain is not what it used to be, I've got little to no time in my day to day life, I'm still foggy from grief, what's a parental caregiver to do?”

I know what that feels like-

When I was a dreamy-headed young girl, I didn’t think my writing was any big deal. I have been writing since I was eleven years old. It was just another part of my day. Later in life, when both of my parents died on the same day, eight days before my birthday, my world and my writing practices slid away beneath my feet. As the eldest in the family, there was little to no time for my grief, and my writing as a trusted resource for relief and healing failed me. I was lost, without a map to find my way back to balance. (We can talk sooner, rather than later, if you want- click my photo!)


So, I’ve made a promise to offer tools and methods that awaken a Wise Woman Writer's true nature, the writer within!

Rooted in my experience as a teacher, a broadcasting director, a coach, a Shaman-Healer, and an energy worker, I bring all of my expertise and life experience together for women who want to write. I feel a kinship with women looking at retirement; a soul-depleting job, a loss, or an empty nest (maybe all four and more!) Although I'm a best-selling author now, I know what it’s like to suffer from stuck writing energy and the distant call of all you have yet-to-offer as a writer!


Perhaps we have this in common- When I needed to write, wanted to write, I absolutely could not write!

However, I managed to find a way through that painful time, thanks to my inner resources and what I now call Visionary Writing. Since the shock of the sudden loss of my parents, I have cultivated deeply-held Spiritual connections as a resource for writing, healing my soul, and holding the light so other troubled writers can find their way.

To help me recover from the loss of my parents, I committed myself to write something every day, even if I didn’t feel like it. Short poems were a comfortable place to begin, but other writers often don’t like poets or poetry, so I found no quarter, no camaraderie, no audience, no helpful feedback. I wanted to write a much longer piece of work but had no idea how to start. Some of the words I poured out onto paper began to heal and unravel the kinks in my life, but I still felt disconnected. I saw no value or purpose in the work. I appeared to be writing, but it was just whistling in the graveyard. The silence was deafening.

I listened to the whispers and found a way through, and I discovered the secret to creating "on demand." That’s the path that I share with others because I don’t want you to have to walk that path alone. You don’t need to; I made a map! Through my process, I discovered some writing empowerment secrets- one of which is that MOVEMENT awakens the bodymind and opens a whole new toolbox of Writer’s Resources! The bodymind is always listening, noticing and tuning beneath the silence, the fear, and the noise and grasping. So essentially, the more you write, the more the simple act of writing itself heals and awakens your true nature and your stories. To this day, I teach that the most important “first step” is movement, move the energy, and then bring your writer’s mind into CONNECTION with your inner guidance system.

Luckily, during my loss and sorrows, my true nature was the thing that absolutely would not let me let go of the idea of Writing! During that time, Spirit whispered in my ear, "Unwritten stories are going lost!" I heard that, and I mapped the pathway for you so no more stories will be lost! Moreover, I’ve gathered groups of fun, like-hearted ladies you can walk along with, too. We love that writing is fun and easy and rewarding! We remembered the stories we promised to tell!

Are you fulfilling your true nature? It’s still in there, waiting to be heard!


You'll have access to 
more than 25 years of research and mastery to learn

  • how writing heals the bodymind
  • to develop effective, evocative, writing power
  • to brand your skills and talents
  • to create the most powerful names, titles, products 
  • to connect confidently with your inner wisdom and the "inner-writer"
  • to write anything you need to write, or want to write "on-demand"
  • gain the greatest benefit from working with an expert who has been coaching writers, thinkers, authors, business owners, communicators, executives, and word-workers like you for years!

Use me as a stream that channels sustenance tailor-made for you!

Resistance is a crafty devil!

QUESTIONS? Thoughts in the mind can become barriers, and self sabotage. I invite you to schedule a Free Discovery Session with me so I can address your inquiries. -If there are no good times available for you on the link below, email me and we'll work out something- [email protected]


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