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About finding ourselves, writing...

—I love helping women's course creators finally build their books so all these legacy-branded businesses can manifest a soothing flow of their gifts into the world.

–If you know it’s time to share more of your gifts with your clients but you're not sure how to get started; I’ll show you how to start building your book while your business blooms.

–I invite you to relax, be who you are, take the revealing writers gift quiz, and you can't help but begin to manifest your gifts in the world!”

What the heck do I do? You know how there are these unique, almost magical, creative women who have built a business or has plans for entrepreneurship. You know one of these women, I'll wager. She knows she is wise, experienced, and "different," and that the time has come for her to share more of her life-changing work. She has little time to write but believes the next steps involve building a book.

I have walked that same path, and today I'm stepping up to help these women bring their gifts into the world. So drawing from my experience teaching, writing, multi-media communications design, business development, and my own lifelong work with emerging writers, I mentor heart-centered women with effective, interesting strategies to write, and develop a plan, that serves more readers.

Tell your friend she can take my quiz at writersgiftquiz.com (PS- If you're curious, you’re invited to take the quiz, too?)

Women like you have taken my amazing little quiz, received their results, and spontaneously took time to respond, with so much love I must share some of their words below:

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"Thank you for the quiz consultation and recording. I found it so interesting and inspiring. I put my Amethyst necklace on this morning, and because it’s cold here today, I’m wearing my gold pashmina around my shoulders. I’m drinking in all that violet and Queen Bee, Conscious-Creator energy before I write today." –Jan in the UK

"I found it so surprising and right on. Magical!" Yvonne in Ukiah, California

"Surprisingly accurate!" Lauren in New York

"This was great and it let me know I'm on the right track plus inspiration to grow as a writer." Suzanne, mentor to at-risk women and published author.