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The Story starts with Our Gifts–

You know that incredible, powerful, creative, magical, visionary, eloquent woman? She has amassed decades of experience and wisdom and she has suffered for decades, always putting everybody else first? Yes? 

Well somewhere along the line, the self-sabotage began: "you're average, not gifted, writing is tedious & difficult, only lucky people get published, and anyway you're retired now...so it's too late." No!

Like you, I am a woman of a certain age with long-held dreams of writing a book (in my case a novel.) When fresh, original creative writing did not show up the instant I had more time, I began to realize that writing was more words. Writing is a Soul Calling!

Drawing on all my skills and experience as a teacher, multi-media marketing expert, and author I re-invented or weeded out a good many writing practices and methods and added more clearing and healing. I healed my lack of belief in my writing skills. Eventually, I realized I wasn't the only retired woman with a calling to write so I began to mentor a community of women writers of all skill levels so they could awaken their soul gifts and writing skills, too!

How to know mentored writing works before you even try it–

"I love the moment when that thought, that idea arrives in my head. I wasn't necessarily consciously trying to think of something to write. It just happens and then I am tuned in to that idea. Everything stops around me except for my pen that keeps writing down that super idea. I begin reaching deeply within my being to grasp onto the words so they do not wither away. Silence is precious as I continue to create, using all of the cells in my body. At last, the words stop forming and my pen stops writing. I look back on the page to see what just happened, and as I read, I discover another treasure that came from my heart that I must share."

–Carley Smith, The Heartland Poet.

This why I encourage you to join one of my amazing groups.

Right now. even!

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Know Your Gifts

Understanding your first gift, your Writer-Type, is the key to awakening your natural skills and abilities. Discover why you write, who you're writing for, how to manage blocks and self-sabotage, and more. Each question of the Quiz will guide you to discover and tap into the power of your writing. Your Gifts are the power-tools you will use to create your body of work. Are you working with or against your natural gifts and talents?

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Be seen and heard in a writer's community.

Join one or more writing groups so you can rise up into your full potential! In our community of writers you will practice using your Gifts, get writing, increase your momentum, and begin to develop new projects. Join us each week to fruitfully share, and receive feedback & encouragement alongside a fun group of ladies.

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Feel Safe and Accomplished

You feel uneasy, exposed, vulnerable, in need of support. You don't know what to do about the potential reactions of "other people." You want to stop wasting time and resources. You want to complete your projects and, at the same time, not feel pressured or rushed. With affordable private support, inspiration, and guidance, your Writer's Life feels safer, lighter, more productive, and more relaxed. 

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INDEPENDENT STUDIES: ("old ways" don't work for you!)

You want access to your own, private "Writer's Discovery Camp." You want to have fun while you learn independently. You want, step-by-step practices that will build your confidence in your writing skills and creative expression. Click the button to reveal all you want and more from an affordable DIY "Whole Person" Writing Course!

Get started on your own, but not all alone.
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(when you need what you need!)

You want to receive targeted support, while closely guarding your intellectual property. One session at a time, receive or dictate the rubric as needed, potent  Ideas: clarify purpose, review your work and receive feedback, receive tech support, describe your #1 Fan and build platform!

On-Point Mentoring!
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(Done for you basic-edit)

When you need fresh eyes and objective feedback, maybe even a first swing-through edit (I am NOT a professional book editor, you'll need one of those, too!) I would LOVE to price this for you so you can budget and make plans. This is just one of those times when I say, "Let's talk and come to an agreement." 

Writers Only, Let's Talk
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(What you need now.)

You're excited and terrified, both. You've decided to write your book, maybe you've made a start and you're in need of guidance and over-arching support: the vision, purpose, audience, process, momentum-building, and dare I say it- the fun of writing your book! Drawing on my education, experience, and superpowers I custom-design a process and plan to get that book into production! Let's talk about where you are now and where you want to go!


While you're here-

take the quiz right now, and I will add a 20-minute consult to your Results Session.

You can ask questions and take advantage of my 25- years worth of writing and people-craft experience! The mastery born of research, experimentation and thousands of dollars worth of courses and professional coaching is at your beck and call.
As we put our heads together: 

  • You discover your writer-type.
  • Your Gifts are revealed,
  • You'll receive tips and strategies.
  • Possibilities are inspired.
  • Your inner wisdom is honored and further awakens.
  • Discovering your untapped gifts feels like a game.
  • You feel "seen" and your voice is finally being heard!

Women like you have taken the quiz, received their results, and then they took the time to write back, "With Love"- 

"Thank you for the quiz consultation and recording. I found it so interesting and inspiring. I put my Amethyst necklace on this morning, and because it’s cold here today, I’m wearing my gold pashmina around my shoulders. I’m drinking in all that violet and Queen Bee energy before I write today." –Jan in the UK

"I found it so surprising and right on. Magical!" Yvonne in Northern California

"Surprisingly accurate!" Lauren on Eastern Seaboard

"This was great and it let me know I'm on the right track plus inspiration to grow as a writer." Suzanne, published author

Crossing the waters of writing.

Writing with me you hear your inner-writer, understand your soul gifts and follow your calling.

You're a creative wise women pregnant with a book. You're experienced, retired now, or soon. AT any rate you're ready to share life-changing work. You have time to write, but the words feel frozen. Does this sound familiar?

That was my scenario, too, and that's why I felt called and uber-qualified to help. Drawing from my experience teaching, writing, mentoring emerging authors, and communications design, I mentor heart-centered women to write, develop, and bring their work into the world. 

My calling began in earnest in 2015 when I took early retirement, so I could dedicate myself to writing. There I was with all that free time, but the words remained frozen.

That is when I realized it takes more than free time to live the life of a writer. It takes harmonious and stimulating energy, both. Then, if your energy is stuck in self-sabotage, the bodymind is asking for clearing, healing, and healthy habits (a writer's hygiene!)

After publishing my first book, I awakened to the call of women like me whose soul contract is to create a soothing flow of words into the world. Using all my skills, life experience, and training, I started leading groups of heart-centered women to discover and unleash their inner-writer.  I

n 2016 I found Zoom and moved my writing groups online, so none of us had to travel. That opened the door to a world community of creative soul-expression.

This year, when COVID hit, I offered "Our Daily Gifts" to heal and minister to The Writers each morning, seven days a week- which I did for several months as a community service and humanitarian ministry. Since then, I continue to clear any fear, stress, or anxiety the world brings in so the writers can work more freely!

Although my groups are writing-based, they continue to be heart-centered, at-home, spirit-communities of wellbeing, so all of us can be alone together. Each week I help retired women integrate writing with wellbeing, and I don't see that changing, ever! I'm quite happily fulfilling my Soul Purpose doing something I love!

So, as you progress with the process of discovery, exploration, and hearing your soul's calling you won't have to walk that path alone. Each week I share the secrets of how to work WITH your gifts instead of against them. And it will all feel like magic because I've  gathered a group of wonderful, warm, wise women writers who are already working on books and beautiful bodies of work. 

"Retirement is a new chapter, not the end of my story!" –You

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I see you. 

Reach out, let's talk. I'm listening and ready to help.

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