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About finding ourselves, writing...

When you from your heart you unleash your inner-writer, understand your soul gifts and follow your calling.

Do you think of yourself as a wise women? A creative person with a notion or a desire to write a book, start a blog, finally complete a body of work? You're experienced, to be sure and you feel called to share your life-changing work with readers, not just friends and family. Are you retired now, or just not working? (for whatever reason.) At any rate,  you have time to write, but the words feel frozen. Does this sound familiar?

That was my scenario, too, and that's why I felt called and uber-qualified to help. Drawing from my experience teaching, writing, mentoring emerging authors, and communications design work, I began to mentor heart-centered women who want to write in the way that best suits their own personal writer-type and their gifts, develop, and bring their heart-centered work into the world!

My calling began in earnest in 2002 when I decided to try my hand at writing heart-and-soul-centered poetry. PLUS I wanted to start living the life of an artist and writer, "now" not "some day if..." There I was with all that free time, but the words and images remained frozen.

That is when I realized it takes more than free time to live the life of a writer. It takes harmonious and stimulating energy, both. And even if you get that, as sometimes happens, your energy gets stuck in self-sabotage, the bodymind is asking for clearing, healing, and healthy habits (writer's hygiene!) I suffered a terrible "dark night of the soul," nearly quit my job, lost touch with my relationships, wrung myself dry taking care of everybody but myself, and... not one sodding word was written. Still teaching, I set off on a spiritual journey, studied many healing modalities, followed a shaman for six years and finally came home to myself.

in 2008 I DECIDED to become a poet, I DECIDED to publish a book of poetry and art, I DECIDED I would do whatever it took to learn enough technology to build my own website, get on social media, get out into the world to read my work and meet new people. I DECIDED and The Poetry Of Days was published in 2010.

After publishing my first book, I was awakened to the call of women like me whose soul contract is to create a soothing flow of words into the world. Today, using all my skills, life experience, and training, I've started leading groups of heart-centered women to discover and unleash their inner-writer.  

Each week I help retired women integrate writing with wellbeing, and I don't see that changing, ever! I'm quite happily fulfilling my Soul Purpose doing something I love!

So, as you progress with the process of discovery, exploration, and hearing your soul's calling, you won't have to walk that path alone. Each week I share the secrets of how to work WITH your gifts instead of against them. And it will all feel like magic because I've  gathered a group of wonderful, warm, wise women writers who are already working on books and beautiful bodies of work.

"Retirement is a new chapter, not the end of my story!" –You

I am so thrilled to share that women like you have taken my amazing little quiz, received their results, and then took time to write back to me, with so much love I had to share some of their words below:

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"Thank you for the quiz consultation and recording. I found it so interesting and inspiring. I put my Amethyst necklace on this morning, and because it’s cold here today, I’m wearing my gold pashmina around my shoulders. I’m drinking in all that violet and Queen Bee energy before I write today." –Jan in the UK

"I found it so surprising and right on. Magical!" Yvonne in Northern California

"Surprisingly accurate!" Lauren on Eastern Seaboard

"This was great and it let me know I'm on the right track plus inspiration to grow as a writer." Suzanne, published author.

These women asked questions and turned my 25- years worth of writing and people-craft experience to their advantage! They made the choice to "go deeper," so I shared the mastery born of research, experimentation and thousands of dollars worth of courses and professional coaching with them.
As we put our heads together: 

They discovered their writer-type.

Their Gifts were revealed,

They received unique tips and strategies for getting to the heart of their message.

Possibilities blossomed.

Their inner wisdom was honored and further awakened.

Discovering their untapped gifts started to feel like a game.

And in our writing groups they feel "seen" and their voices are finally being heard!


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I see your gifts,
I feel your heart,
I know your soul. 

Reach out, let's talk. I'm listening and ready to help.

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