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Igniting your writing...

"Like you, I am a woman of a certain age who loves to write. I teach and guide other women to release their soul sabotage, increase their confidence, and get writing in ways that bring them joy. But writing has not always been easy for me either. I’ve gone through periods where I felt low or where I lost my confidence… And I learned certain practices to get myself out of the hole. One of the main things that help me stay in my creative zone is a community of writers at all skill-levels. That’s why I started leading writer's circles.

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What will it take for you to do the best writing of your life? 

 Correct! It will take All of You! Your whole being, your finest gifts, and all of your untapped resources! And you can always learn more about using all of your gifts and untapped resources to bring your heart and soul into the world. That's why I created The Writers Gift Quiz. The Quiz is not some shallow toss-off social quiz. The quiz results speak to the core of your being, to your soul, and to your Inner Writer. Women like you have taken the quiz, received their results and say- 

"Thank you for the quiz consultation and recording. I found it so interesting and inspiring. I put my Amethyst necklace on this morning, and because it’s cold here today, I’m wearing my gold pashmina around my shoulders. I’m drinking in all that violet and Queen Bee energy before I write today." –Jan in the UK

"I found it so surprising and right on. Magical!" Yvonne in the US

"Surprisingly accurate!" Lauren in US

"This was great and it let me know I'm on the right track plus inspiration to grow as a writer." Suzanne in US

Crossing the waters of writing.


Free additional 20-minute consult added to your results session.

You can ask questions and take advantage of my 25- years worth of writing and people-craft experience! The mastery born of research, experimentation and thousands of dollars worth of courses and professional coaching is at your beck and call.
As we put our heads together: 

  • You discover your gifts
  • You'll receive tips for learning to use them
  • As your gifts are revealed, a transformation occurs
  • Your purpose becomes palpable
  • Your inner wisdom is honored and actualized
  • Discovering your untapped gifts almost feels like a game
  • Your dreams re-awaken, your whole voice is finally being heard!
  • You see a shining way forward!




"Judy has been nothing if not a savior for my writing. She offers such insight, and can help transform even the most sensitive issues. I would tell everyone to take her quiz, receive her magical results, then join one of her writing groups."

-Belinda Stevens
Crossing the waters of writing.

Your gifts and talents explored and activated!

I help emerging writers rise above the deep waters of fear and doubt! All of my experience working with students as their teacher, 25 years managing a broadcasting staff, seven years study and practice as an "energy worker," and five years acquiring a beautiful education with a contemporary shaman, set me up perfectly to see your skills and talents; maybe even before you do!  

The answer is not "out there" in the world somewhere, your gift is already right there within you! When you uncover your unique writer's gifts, you open up the readiness to learn what to do, and precisely how to do it along with a few new methods that make writing more powerful and more fun. 


As you progress into my writing groups and programs we go step by step, so you won't have to walk that path alone. I share the secrets of how to work WITH your gifts instead of against them. And it will all feel like magic because I've already gathered a group of wonderful, warm, wise women writers who are already working on books and beautiful bodies of work. 

"Retirement is a new chapter, not the end of my story!" –You

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(What's your gift?)

Easy, fun, and free! The Writer's Gift Quiz with help you awaken and  work with, not against your natural gifts and talents. Think of my 2-minute quiz as touchstones that will help you remember your gifts and bring you into alignment all you are meant to birth into this world, through your writing! 

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(Low tuition, DIY)

Each week for 9 weeks you will have access to Writer's Discovery Camp. Think of WDC as a "have fun while you learn" independent study. Each week your new, step-by-step methods will unleash a neural cascade of body-mind support and new confidence in writing. Click the button to reveal a secret deal!

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( confidence & community!)

Join one or more writing groups so you can rise up into your full potential! In our community of writers you will get rolling, increase your momentum, and begin to develop new projects. Join us each week to fruitfully share, and receive feedback & encouragement from a fun group of ladies.

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(Untapped Gifts!)

Where do you most need support now? Deepen your quiz results. Make sure you’re not wasting your time or resources. Create a dependable method for accountability so you get your projects completed, without feeling pressured or rushed. With my deep energetic support, life gets lighter, more fulfilling, and easier. I'm your secret, inside creativity-genie!

Writers Only, Let's Talk
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(a body of work!)

In this case, it's personal! For writers who want to receive support, save money, and closely guard their intellectual property, these sessions observe client privilege and are potent and perfectly private. Like you, I always want to conserve resources wherever possible: When you Bundle your confidential One-to-One Mentoring Sessions you save time, money and energy!

LIMITED! Lock in, now.
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(a "first look at your work" session!)

When you need fresh eyes and objective feedback, maybe even a first swing-through edit (I am NOT a professional book editor, you'll need one of those, too!) I would LOVE to price this for you so you can budget and make plans. This is just one of those times when I say, "Let's talk and come to an agreement." 

Writers Only, Let's Talk
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(write your book!)

If, more than anything you long to write a book or create a body of work, and you still haven't started, you may need some vision/mission/avatar support, perhaps more effective momentum-building, and dare I say it- some fun! Potent practices designed to get that book moving toward production!

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Longing to be heard? 

Reach out, let's talk. I'm listening and ready to help you.

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