I am personally invested in bringing your inner writer to the world.

Your Inner Writer always knows the story of your Dark Night of the Soul. Are you listening?

When both of my parents died on the same day, eight days before my birthday, there was little to no time for my grief, and my writing as a trusted resource for relief and healing failed me. I was lost, without a map to find my way back to balance. If my story is "getting to you" click my photo. I'm listening and here to help!

On my long journey of loss, grief, more grief and recovery I learned that writing itself is a pathway out of the darkness, I’ve made a promise to offer what I didn't have- tools and methods that heal and awaken your inner writer's true nature.

Rooted in my experience as a teacher, a broadcasting manager, a coach, a contemporary shaman healer, and a soul-energy expert, I bring all of my expertise and life experience together for women who want to write. I feel a kinship with women looking at retirement; a soul-depleting job, a bone-crushing loss, or an empty nest (maybe all four and more!) Although I'm a best-selling author now, I know what it’s like to suffer the haunting call of all you have yet-to-offer as a writer!


Whether you are an "innie or an outie" style of writer I will show you how to unlock the hidden power of any statement you might make about your relationship with writing!

I discovered and will share the secret to writing "on demand,"effortlessly. So you won't feel so isolated and alone I made a map on my way back into the light of writing! I discovered, and will share a whole new toolbox of Resources for all kinds of writers. What do you think? If it all boils down to Style rather than in-born talent, are you an Innie or an Outie Writer?

Essentially, the more you write, the more the simple act of writing itself heals and awakens your true nature, what ever that is, and awakens more stories than ever before. We Move the Energy, so your writer’s mind will automatically connect your inner guidance system with your pen.

HEADLINE NEWS: "Unwritten stories are going lost!" I heard that, and I mapped the pathway for you so no more of our stories will be lost! Moreover, I’ve gathered groups of fun, like-hearted ladies you can walk along with, too. We love that writing is fun and easy and rewarding! We remembered the stories we promised to tell! Are you fulfilling your true nature? It’s still in there, waiting to be heard!

COME TALK WITH ME, even if you have no idea what to write, we can talk about where you are and how to ignite your writing.

You'll have command of 25 years of work, research, and mastery. And after we work together: 

  • You know how to heal the bodymind of the blocks to writing
  • You'll have effective, evocative, writing power in your pocket.
  • Be able to personally brand your work for your readers.
  • Have the tools to create a powerful "platform". 
  • You'll have a method for connecting with your inner wisdom.
  • Be able to write anything you need to write, or want to write "on-demand"
  • AT YOUR BECK AND CALL:  an expert coach of writers, thinkers, authors, business owners, communicators, executives, and word-workers for years!

Use me as a resource so your own genius can come through!

Resistance is a crafty devil!

QUESTIONS? Thoughts in the mind can become barriers, and self sabotage. I invite you to schedule a Free Discovery Session with me so I can address your inquiries. -If there are no good times available for you on the link below, email me and we'll work out something- [email protected]


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