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There's a Soul Guide for your Inner Author. 



"Hi! Judy McNutt, here at [KBLA], Where's the fire?" I used to ask that every day on the radio, where it was all about connecting with "The Listener," and people would call up and tell me! 

Here's what I know now- if you are an entrepreneur, your Inner-Author is tuned up and more than ready to get your book done, dusted, and ready to publish!

Interview with Judy McNutt, The Writer's Gift Mentor

 Q. How did you get from radio management and marketing to mentoring entrepreneurial women who have a book on their bucket list?

A. In my world the WooWoo Answer is the most honest answer. It is the soul-calling and desire of these women change-makers to write their books that called me in to help. We both want the same thing, a better life experience in a better world! 

Q. Why are you working exclusively with intuitive entrepreneurs and online service providers?

A. I grok* this specific family of womenpreneurs because I've been in business online at least part-time for many years. When you're a public school teacher (my second wave career), you have to do something to make ends meet!

* to grok is to understand (something) intuitively or by empathy.

Q. Woah! When did "public school teaching" get in the mix?

A. After radio burnout, before Covid. I retired from formal teaching and published a book of poetry and art. That gave me the first-hand preparation for participating in an Amazon Bestseller which got me interviews, which brought women wanting help with their books to my gate.

Q. But how did that get you to where you are now?

A. Well, based on all of my life experiences and awakenings, I started sorting to find a better way to help these women write their books and get them ready to go to the publisher.

Q. Then came the quantum leap?

A. Yes. Besides "erratic time management" and "where do I start?" a surprising disconnect for these vibrant, successful women was fear and doubt that they could ever be a "WRITER writer." 

Q. I've heard that 97% of the people who started writing never finished their book. What can writers do differently, and how do you help differently?

A: Yes. The majority of people who start a book don't finish it. If this happens to you, I'll wager that you're basing your actions on supposition (the way it's "supposed to be") and over-taxing the brain. Then emotions kick in, and your infant manuscript slips forgotten into a drawer. My methods are based on the premise that you have gifts to share, and the whole experience will be enjoyable. We wake up all of your senses, energies, and gifts and stop rankling your emotions, wracking your brain to write your book. Instead, l guide writers through powerful, sometimes quirky techniques to help you write the book that brings your heart and soul into the world to meet the readers searching for precisely what you have to offer.


"Your brain is not the boss of your soul, and the brain is only a small percentage of your body, so why do we let the brain imprison what the soul came here to do?" –Judy McNutt-Mentor.

This concludes my interview with Judy McNutt. Judy is a mentor working with coaches, by her own description, woo woo practitioners, course creators, and women who see a book as a beautiful way to make a difference in the lives of others.

  •  BTW-Off-mic I asked Ms. McNutt whether she thought she was gender-biased. "No." she said with a self-confident gaze, "It's just that intuitive women working chiefly with other women are my wheelhouse. I can read them, guide them, open their souls, so their gifts will pour out into a book that I know the world needs (before they even know for sure)." 

I'm Terry Gross, and this is Fresh Air.


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