You long to write?
I know what that feels like-

I love helping women finally awaken to their writing! I’ve been a teacher, a broadcasting director, a coach, and energy worker, and there’s been nothing that thrills me like helping women ignite the writer inside. Although I'm a best-selling author now, I know what it’s like to suffer from stuck writing energy…

It's 2015 and another spring day in San Diego. A teacher places her canvas lunch bag on the tiny table in the same tiny Special Needs classroom she has worked in for years. She eases down into one of the five teensie chairs and peers into the bag. Yellow and blue-striped beeswax sandwich wrap holds her veggie pita sandwich. She likes being kind to the planet. She enjoys the sound of lunch recess from a distance. The children buzz like a happy beehive as they count aloud the requisite number of back and forth swings before surrendering the webbed swing seat. The playground is just beyond the windows. Squeals of glee and laughter penetrate the room. She sighs and puts her head down on the tiny table and lets go a quiet flood of tears.

That was me. I had lost my happy be-playful, creative self. I thought teaching would allow me time to write. I knew I should take advantage of "downtime" to write beyond the daily grind of work-writing. "I'll write today at lunch or after school, for sure." How many times did I say that to myself? I had time, why wasn't I writing? My writing-energy was stuck and besides there was always something else that needed doing. Can you relate? Double bummer, I’d be retiring soon, and I wouldn't be able to hide behind my "busy teacher life" for much longer. This was the source of my tears; I was afraid I wouldn't write anything after I retired either! 

That’s when I made the commitment to myself to start writing every day even if I didn’t feel like it. I began to write a bit, poems mostly (they were little, concentrated) but this produced a new kind of "lonely and miserable."  Truth be told I longed to "get lost in the writing" but had no idea how to start. Half the words were just working out the kinks in my life. I felt disconnected. I didn’t see value or purpose in the work. I never realized that aloneness could feel so "noisy" and distracting.

But guess what? The more I wrote, the more the simple act of writing healed my soul.  I learned how to listen beneath the noise and grasping. I learned the most important thing was to CONNECT with my Inner Guidance which was the thing that absolutely would not let go of idea of Writing! That's when Spirit whispered in my ear, "So many stories are being lost!" I heard that and I mapped the pathway for you, so no more stories will be lost!  I listened and learned the way through and I discovered the secret to creating "on demand."  And now that’s the path that I share with others because I don’t want other women to have to walk that path alone. You don’t need to.  I’ve got the map.  Moreover, I’ve got groups of fun, like-hearted ladies you can walk along with, too.  We love that writing is fun and easy and rewarding!


"Writing is medicine, and magic."

"Writing will be your constant companion well into old age."

"Writing creates sweeping and dramatic change in your life." 


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