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Igniting your writing...

"Like you, I am a woman of a certain age who loves to write. I teach and guide other women to release their soul sabotage, increase their confidence, and get writing in ways that bring them joy. But writing has not always been easy for me either. I’ve gone through periods where I felt low or where I lost my confidence… And I learned certain practices to get myself out of the hole. One of the main things that help me stay in my creative zone is a community of writers at all skill-levels. That’s why I started leading writer's circles.

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Your Satisfaction is my Success Story 

Wise, wonderful women like you are finding themselves writing. Do you see yourself receiving any of these results? 100% of the women in my group look forward to writing together each week. Many have begun writing books; Several women are blogging more regularly; One started her own additional creative group. Another is discovering how to integrate story with spirituality. Then there are the elegant poems, compelling songs, and one of us is writing a 4-book saga! All of them know this truth, their stories must be told, and if they don't do it, no one will!"

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You can take advantage of my 25- years worth of writing-craft experience! The mastery born of research, experimentation and thousands of dollars worth of courses and professional coaching is at your beck and call.
As we put our heads together: 

  • You discover your gifts
  • You'll have time to learn to use them
  • As your writing becomes more productive, a transformation occurs
  • Your purpose becomes palpable
  • Your inner wisdom is honored and actualized
  • On-demand writing almost feels like a game
  • Your dreams become reality and quite naturally you will have gathered the elements for your "writer's platform."
Crossing the waters of writing.

Your gifts and talents emerge

All of my experience working with students as their teacher, and 25 years managing a broadcasting staff, set me up perfectly to see your skills and talents before you do! This is how I help emerging writers rise above the deep waters of fear and doubt!

It's not "out there" in the world somewhere, your gift is already right there within you! When you uncover your unique writer's gift, and the sacred seeds of creativity you already have onboard, you learn what to do, and precisely how to do it along with a few new methods that make writing more powerful and more fun. 

We go step by step, so you won't have to walk that path alone. I share the secrets of how to work WITH your gifts instead of against them. And it will all feel like fun because I've gathered a group of wonderful, warm, wise women writers who are already working on books and beautiful bodies of work. 

"Retirement is a new chapter, not the end of my story!" –You




"Judy has been nothing if not a savior for my writing. She has such an in-depth knowledge but can make even the most complicated information easily understandable. I would tell everyone to join one of her writing groups."

-Belinda Stevens
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Start living the life of a writer, free! No strings, no email requirement!

- The plan is all laid out for you: Small steps help you build on success instead of creating more failure and suffering!
- Create healthy habits first, then pull out your incomplete book or body of work languishing in that bottom drawer.

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(discover your gift!)

I wanted an easy and fun and free way to help writers work with, not against their natural gifts and talents. Think of my 2-minute quiz as the stepping stones of discovery that will bring you into alignment all you are meant to birth into this world, through your writing! 

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(and write more!)

Wednesday Writing Parties help you rise up into your full potential! In our community of writers you will get rolling, increase your momentum, and begin to develop new projects.

Join us to safely share, and receive feedback & encouragement from a fun group of ladies.

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STEP THREE: IGNITE (write your book!)

If, more than anything you long to write a book or create a body of work, and you still haven't started, you need to a better way to begin, more effective momentum-builders, and some fun, potent practices designed to get that book moving toward production!


Comes a time, we all need the personal ministrations of a mentor!


Reach out, let's talk together and determine whether now is that time for you!

I'm here for you!