Thank you for joining me on this journey!

Your Gratitude Gift is this freeasy process to clear a path for wellbeing, connection, and creative expression- 

My CIRCLE MEDITATION & CREATIVE CONNECTION GENERATOR. Simply read all twelve steps aloud, then sit down and write stream-of-consciousness from your heart for 7 minutes! Try it and let me know what happens for you at [email protected]

  1. I receive this experience in the moment unfolding right Now.
  2. I listen for Inner Guidance, I invite my Inner Writer and I am fully present and connected in The Great Circle.
  3. I am aware of and I clear and consciously release all self-judgments in one breath. [breathe in, swoosh out.] “Release!”
  4. I clear and release all others’ judgments of my Self and my work.
  5. I clear and release all self-limiting thoughts and beliefs.
  6. I connect with the energy between my heart and my throat (gently stroke the thymus, see picture below) and I invite my Inner Guidance to connect with Mother Earth and my Invisible Team.
  7. I consciously connect to the version of self that is my Enlightened Self.
  8. I tap into the easeful flow of thoughts that form my writing today.
  9. I receive the Energy of ideas before they even begin to expand into words.
  10. I welcome the infinite possibilities already present on the blank page or clear screen.
  11. I SMILE and LAUGH OUT LOUD. (Place hands on belly and say from the ripeness of our creative center, “CREATE!”)
  12. I honor my commitment to myself and others as I hold space for creative expression. I hereby unleash the Energy of Writing!

 – Judy McNutt © 2018

The Thymus is The Seat of the Soul! Imagine two almonds the color of pink quartz, blooming into a flower! Stroke the petals, gently!


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