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One to One Mentoring for Writers and souls still longing to begin!

Confidential One to One Sessions for writers who want to closely guard their intellectual property

You receive more Judy Time! Writing, marketing, and personal projects support: Strategic guidance for optimizing your time, energy, and accountability gets your projects launched, without feeling pressured or pushed!


You and I will talk a bit. I will ask a few questions, and together we will map a course to make your work a reality, at last.

In these sessions we'll clear the way and you'll find your voice, your passion, your purpose, your brand, your book, a blog, strategic words for your website, names for your products, offers, courses, pages, writings, build your platform, and nail your Writing SuperPower from the Soul Level!

My commitment:

In one to one sessions you'll discover, recover and optimize your writing for a book, a blog, or a start-up business. For example: I can help you set up a website; start a strategically useful Facebook Group; create power-filled, attractive names of chapters, subjects, titles for your programs, classes, books, blogs, group names, and more! Ding!

 I’d love to talk with you personally to see what would fit your particular needs best.  I’m curious to hear more about you.  Feel free to sign up for a short free phone call so we can explore together.  Use this link to schedule a 15 minute free Guidance Session or just email me at [email protected]

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"Judy McNutt really does Ignite Your Writing! The session was heart felt and fun! Judy knows how to listen which helped reaffirm what I already knew about my writing style and to clarify it further. I even learned things I wasn't expecting such as; my super power, my writing brand, how to write a book without stress and how to be the administrator of my own freedom. After the session, I went right to work on a blog post with renewed energy and immediately realized the ending was falling flat because I was holding back. It turned out to be one of the most authentic blogs I've ever written. "

–Gaye K
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