Wade in the water.

Visionary Writing nurtures your soul and inspires your Inner Writer to create your deepest writing with ease and grace! You'll produce an exemplary body work, and your readers will be blown away!

Join The Visionary Writers Group Here

Is something within you longing to emerge?

Does it whisper of your longing for deep connection, and soul expression? No religion nor dogma? I hear it too! Perhaps you'd like to find out more about our group of on-point, visionary writers and how you might fit in?

I followed the voice of Spirit and my intuition to create a vibrant, vital, and unique writing group. Meeting once a week with a group of like-hearted writers you'll experience a transformation each time we meet, for the entire week and your life as well! 

The Gifts YOU receive are never-ending: 
relief from stress, better sleep, brighter brain, beautifully unfolding creative possibilities, the beginnings of a heartfelt book, 
stories to leave behind for the family, 
poems people love, 
healing, songs, graphic novels,
blogs, websites of wonder, elegance, works of authenticity and power!

What if writing could be both personally and spiritually rewarding?

What if writing becomes your soul-pathway into the world and beyond?

  • You'd learn many new and easy ways to hear your guides and your own Inner Wisdom!

  • You'd feel the on-point connection and support of other spirit-minded writers!

  • You'd write in a safe and sacred online group guided a proven visionary master!

  • You'd be free of any religion or dogma,

  • You'd understand how to use Source Energy to write! 

You'll come to know that writing is a healthful, healing, process available to you each week, and how to make its effects last all week long!


Find out why your Inner Writer is asking to come out of the shadows-

Space in this writing group is held exclusively for those who have passed through the interview and have enrolled. Soon the Virtual Sanctuary doors will close. If you are listening, your heart and soul have already been asking you to come talk with me about Visionary Writing and what that might mean for you.