How Dare You?

  • Believe you can write!
  • Channel your inner genius!
  • Feel the heart space of spirit-minded writers!
  • Write in a safe and sacred online group with a proven master!
  • Get clear, connect, and let your writing come from Source and Source Energy!


How dare it be so easy to create a fresh piece of transformational, Visionary Writing on the First Day?

How dare I offer the First Day Free, that's nuts!


Well, I asked myself: What could happen if a struggling, questioning, (maybe even a sensitive beginner), writer created a healthy and vibrant writing practice with us?

How can I not offer my most closely-guarded process if it would mean better blogs, beautiful heart-felt books, stories for families, poems people love, websites of wonder, elegance, authenticity and power?

So I up-leveled to DARE Differently! Will you?

You would be so welcome to join us for the daring first day of Visionary Writing for FREE!

HERE'S HOW- Say "Yes" by filling out the little form so you can receive the details. THEN- join us for the daring first day of Visionary Writing. You'll learn to that to Clear, Connect, Collect, makes writing almost effortless! You'll luxuriate in nearly 90 minutes of Creative Writing Time- all in our visionary writing group "cocoon." All absolutely FREE.