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You've been longing to write since forever.


What if you knew you could create an amazing piece of writing– on the first day?  What if your results ignited world transformation? What if you never wrote a word?

One day– I asked myself: "What personal and world changes might be possible if I begin to support writers and help them create a healthy and vibrant writing practice? Healing? World Change?"

Honestly, I've already seen that meeting once a week with a group of like-hearted writers creates a shift in the writer and then in the world!

Given even one chance, how could I NOT offer my most closely-guarded process if it would mean: 
better blogs, 
beautiful heartfelt books, 
stories for families, 
poems people love, 
websites of wonder, elegance, authenticity and power?
So I leveled-up to DARE Differently!










What if time was a gift you finally give yourself, and you could picture yourself receiving even more benefits from writing than you could possibly imagine?

  • Writing in a Group Without Leaving Home?

  • Discover and trust your inner genius!

  • Develop and improve your work.

  • Benefit from the power of entrainment* when you write with other writers!

  • Have fun writing with fabulous women!

  • Know you will be in a safe and respectful online group with a proven master facilitator!

  • Learn a Revolutionary new way to find inspiration and create a piece of writing "on demand."

  • Connect with your Inner Writer, and let your writing flow from Source and Your Source Energy!

  • Dedicate a year to your writing; a life-changer!


If you Google entrainment you get a bunch of engineering terms. No. That's not it. Ha ha! But if you Google the deeper meaning you find out:"In essence, entrainment refers to a natural phenomenon in which one entity resonates synchronously with another in response to its dominant frequency of vibration." Writers entrain the energy of writing with one another.So you want to get into best, strongest most masterful energy of writing. That's what I'M talking about here!

You'll believe you're a writer because you'll have the proof right in front of you!

A uniquely effective writing experience and finally, it's Your Time!

GO DO IT NOW, right here!

Isn't it time for your Inner Writer to emerge with confidence and creativity?

Writing Spaces are limited and when they're gone, they're gone. Seize this opportunity to embrace your Inner Writer and give her a voice!