Write your book with ease.

  • My Book-Building writing groups give you the opportunity to add inspiration and enrichment during every mentored writing session.

  • "Add new skills and innovative methods to your toolkit.

  • Receive feedback, fresh perspective, and ideas.

  • Weekly writing structure creates and maintains productivity and momentum for your project without overwhelming your sensitive systems.

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Write the book that blows up your inbox with love notes from #1 Fans. One seat left in this richly-inspired writing group!

What if dedicated writing time is a gift you finally give yourself, before this bubble bursts?





-"At last, you'll believe you're writing a book because you'll have the proof right in front of you!" -Cindy, MT

-"The Wednesday Writing Party nourishes my creativity, and I'm steady-as-she-goes with my book." Suzanne M, San Diego

-"Each week the flavor and colors of the world are changing and healing all the creatures of the world, just from writing in group." Daisy TD, San Diego

-"Lovely that you open your heart and have a group for me to be in ❤️" Debbie Bearfoot, writings from the forest!

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