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How Coaches Do Books

COACHES ENGAGE EXPERT GUIDANCE to save time and effort. "Building Biz Books is my Superpower."

COACHES LIKE USING FLEX-TIME TO WORK ON THE BOOK- "Schedule one-to-one mentoring around your business hours."

-COACHES LIKE TO SAVE $$- 37% less than 10 individual hour sessions.


Like you, I want to save time, money, and energy, but I also like to know I have the very best support my hard-earned money can secure.


Build Your Book with a heart-centered marketing and business expert:

- Leverage a lifetime of your teaching and materials.

- Build a 100% purpose-crafted book package

- Create a cohesive tone, messaging, and theme.

- The audience for your book will be defined and refined for a better-selling book.

- The Book-Build Blueprint provides everything you need to create your book proposal and your book!

- Develop your pre-publishing platform.

- A marketing and imaging expert and published author!

- Bonus podcast/ Facebook Live support from an award-winning radio broadcaster.

- Basic Revision Editing included! (More savings!)



When you subscribe to a 10-HOUR BOOK-BUILD BLUEPRINT BUNDLE, you receive support for your writing, marketing, and business aspects of your project. My strategic guidance will optimize your time, energy, and accountability so you can get your project completed without feeling pressured, or overwhelmed!

You and I will talk a bit. I will ask a few questions, and together we will map a course to awaken and assemble your gifts to shepherd your book into the world.

All of my skills and experience will be available to you. We'll talk about what you feel you need, all of the steps you'll take to build your publishing package, create the container (your take-away product!), and get going! CLICK THE GREEN BUTTON BELOW to BEGIN!



"ENLIGHTENED WRITING EXPERT- Sincere gratitude to - Judy McNutt for her patient coaching and incredible expertise in the art of enlightened writing. "

–Sheila VanZile
Book-Build Blueprint Bundles

"AFTER OUR SESSION, I WROTE A COMPLETE STORY- I want you to know that I feel like something has been lifted off of me. After we got off of our zoom call, I sat and wrote for almost 2 hours! I wrote a complete story. And I’m really gonna focus on telling stories...You are magical! Thank you so much for today. You always overdeliver!"

Dr Colleen McCann
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