Igniting Your Writing is

For retired and empty-nester creative women who are ready to discover their inner writer. Women's writing circles that heal you,

inspire you,

and ignite you to write!

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How to Absolutely Fall in Love with Your Inner-Writer:

Re-ignite Your Life as a Writer


Become more confident, happier, and more creative!

Bring your life experience and wisdom to fruition.

Maybe you used to consider yourself a writer, but you lost your confidence along the way.  

Maybe you’ve started a book - but never finished it.

Maybe you just really need to make it FUN again, in a supportive like-minded community.


Perhaps there’s a voice inside that keeps you from writing:

I’m too busy

I’m too old

I’m not good enough

It’s too late


Don’t worry.  I know the path forward.  And I’ll guide you through it, step by step.

No previous writing experience necessary!

You just have to be willing to write.

I’ve got a proven step-by-step program for you, and a wonderful community of other women who are Igniting their Writing.

Take the Quiz,
then re-ignite your life as a writer!


PRACTICAL: You'll have access to the mastery of more than 25 years of experience in writing, superpower development, brand-craft and connecting confidently with Your Inner-Writer so you can write anything "on-demand." You'll be working on your writing with an expert who has been coaching writers, thinkers, authors, business owners, communicators, executives, and word-workers like you for years!

REMEMBERING SPIRIT: If you know me, or have some sense you do then you may also feel drawn to my special abilities. Some say I heal the writer and the writing. I make no claims in this regard. Think of me as a stream who has chosen to channel sustenance specifically for writers!

Heart to Heart you'll have access to receive regular one-on-one coaching or one of those Special-Powers Sessions with me. 

How to Ignite Your Writing!

How does WRITING speak to you?

Perhaps you whisper of A SELF-GUIDED COURSE to support Writing and Creativity!

The Quiz may point you to my Most Flexible Course; an Excellant place to begin on your own!

You might call yourself a "homebody" or have limited time, but Group Writing intrigues you.

Our Writing Groups, offer camaraderie and fun with a regular Boost for Your Writer's Energy!

Privacy and ONE to ONE Private Sessions sound more like you & best meet your needs.

The Quiz can point to a desire for confidentiality, or support through a rough patch.

"I'm always amazed at how quickly I can write something with Judy's group. The result is that every piece has the potential to expand into something bigger so I'm no longer at a loss for a story to work on. Judy's writing groups are encouraging and empowering. Judy knows how to set the stage for success every time."

Gayellen Kick
Read her blog, "Stories from the Middle"

The quiz is free and in the Results Phase you get One on One Discovery-Time with me!


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