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What is Igniting Your Writing? 


Unparalleled Guidance for Writing and the Life of The Writer


"It all begins with the Writer's Archetype Quiz!"

–Judy McNutt, The Writer's Energy Expert

Working exclusively with Writers whose words and ideas will create worlds!

I offer Heart-Centered Help for these Writer Archetypes:

Avid Writers: let's find or refine your Voice, Path, and Practice to unleash your dreams!

Let's give you what you need. Is it: clearing, healing, information, inspiration, a voice, freedom, intelligent structure, pleasure, serendipity?

Enjoy and Expand

Writing Explorers: You have been granted permission to play! Begin with the benefits of writing in a heart-centered group.

Let's clear the way, (does there always seem to be something in the way of this dream you have to write, to create a new way forward?) Let's give you access, time, stimulation, all the guidance you want. 

Receive TLC

Entrepreneurs: We'll refine the essence of your desire to develop a business, find your SuperPower and energize what you offer.

Oh my! Let's save you time, money and energy and get back to your "Why."

Get Back to Your "Why"

Which Archetype are you?

Hey! Just a reminder, Take the Quiz!

Are you the Avid Writer,
the Writing Explorer,
or the Entrepreneur ?

Avid Writer

"I always loved being a Writer but longed for a clear purpose. After just a few weeks of writing in one of Judy's Groups, I realized I wanted to build a collection of helpful and inspiring stories to share with others." ~Ellen C.

Writer Wanting More

Writing Explorer

"I wanted to Explore writing more. Judy helped me release my anxieties about writing, and I discovered what my Inner Writer wanted more than anything was to come out and play!" ~Michelle N.

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"I wanted my writing to enhance my business. Judy helped me find and refine more effective ways to benefit from writing. Her Secret Methods will have you inspired within the first session!" ~Jyll H.

Heart-Centered Entrepreneur

"Imagine yourself after your One to One Session, with a new perspective, excited to dive in!

Imagine your confidence boosted simply from the energy of writing in a group." Judy McNutt

Here's how to tap into that energy for free starting this week.

Answer a few questions about your experiences with writing, and you're qualified to join!

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"All my barriers dissolved. I was writing on the first day of Judy's Heart-Centered Writing Group. "


"As an Explorer, I'd been writing in the group just to try new things. Now, writing has become the highlight of my week."


Why work with me?

Twenty-plus years of teaching key message and writing refinement.

Twenty-five years businesses and personal brand-development expertise.

My unparalleled experience with cutting-edge high vibe energy work can help you access untapped inner resources.

I work with writers just like you to uncover your natural gifts and talents and your capacity to create new worlds or change this one! 

I'll share my secret SuperPower of finding the best names for programs, classes, books, chapters, groups, and more! 

In short, I offer Energetic Branding for writers & entrepreneurs because a refined message changes lives & the world! Do you need to bring a message, thought, program, or story into the world  
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High-Vibe Sessions for Explorers, Entrepreneurs & Avid Writers:

Connect with untapped inner resources, unleash your SuperPowers.

Bespoke refinement!


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Guaranteed Results!

"Judy McNutt really does Ignite Your Writing! The session was heartfelt and fun! Judy knows how to listen which helped reaffirm what I already knew about my writing style and to clarify it further. I even learned things I wasn't expecting such as; my superpower, my writing brand, how to write a book without stress, and how to be the administrator of my own freedom! After the session, I went right to work on a blog post with renewed energy and immediately realized the ending was falling flat because I was holding back. It turned out to be one of the most authentic blogs I've ever written."

Gaye Kick, writer

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