It's not about whether you're  retiring or not. It's about whether you're writing or not-

perhaps you secretly hope you've found the pathway back to writing, on the other hand you may feel a little shy to get started on your own. You honestly don't know where to begin. There are the beginnings of an idea then something seems to get in the way. Not surprisingly, your inner-critic is already at work; "Maybe I'm too old. Is it too late? Will I have time with all I do?  Tech stuff is beyond... So many other writers are..." 


Over the years have you not been generous with your time? Have you not nurtured the dreams and development of others? Yes, but there is still someone you've been neglecting. Now who, but you, would do THAT to you?

You're at that time in life where a depleting job, a life-shaking shock or a personal loss has muted the writer inside you. Remember this- you've already earned the time to do anything you've always wanted to do. There's a reason your thoughts keep picking up the idea of writing, something.

Don't worry, all of this just means that you are finally ready for soul-deep fulfillment as a writer and you showed up at the perfect time! You've attracted a trusted guide to help you discover or recover your writing, and you will be welcomed and adored in our great circle of support!


Potent Promises 

1. That you will jubilantly unleash your potential.

2. That if you are willing to begin, you are already on the path to:

  • create MORE from your desire for writing.

  • learn to use new tools that let you write "on-demand," effortlessly.

  • you'll understand how to follow a simple sequence to receive never-ending inspiration 

  • laugh, enjoy, and benefit from the presence and energy of a group of Wise Women Writers like you.

  • learn methods to banish self-sabotage and blocks.

  • receive the guidance and support of a published author, and cutting-edge writer's healing expert.

  • and then you'll feel at least 75% more fulfilled as a writer on the very first day!

    PLUS: You'll be saving the lives of your unwritten work! 


You're invited to make free use one of the tools we use to Create and Empower Our Writing:




Here's why and how:

Your life experience is a rich resource for moving stories! Consciously or unconsciously, you’ve stock-piled ideas, inspiration, and visions- just by living your own life! The longer it has been since your last written creative expression, the richer your stock-pile! When you learn to connect with The Wise Woman Writer in you, soul-deep fulfillment, profound and utter awe come online, and you write– effortlessly!

Take the Quiz; then let's talk!

If you used to write, but you lost your confidence along the way,

If you started a book, once - but never finished it, 

If you don't want writing to be hard, 

You hope writing will flow and be FUN,

If you felt, 'That's me!'"

"It will be my greatest pleasure to serve as your mentor and guide in an intimate circle of Wise Women Writers on the pathway into worlds of our own making!"

Igniting Wise Women Writers.

"I'm always amazed at how quickly I can write something in Judy's group of Wise Women Writers. The result is that every piece has the potential to expand into something bigger. I'm no longer at a loss for a story to work on. Judy is encouraging and empowering. She knows how to set the stage for success every time."

Gayellen Kick
Read her blog, "Stories from the Middle"

Pathways that will Ignite Your Writing:

You realize, don't you, that if you don’t write it, it will never be written? For want of one action, it could all be lost.

Perhaps You're Curious.
Did the words "one action" trigger a VISION?

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