T A K E * T H E * W R I T E R'S * G I F T * Q U I Z

Deep inside you 

lies two things:

the calling to write a book

and some deadly beliefs:

“Only 'real writers' get book sales."

(The #1 Deadly Belief!)

Hi, I'm Judy McNutt, and after five years in business, here’s what I have learned. It's been there for years; an inner calling to write a book alongside some Deadly Bookstopping Beliefs; 

  • #2 "I don’t have seven hours or more a day that it takes to write a book.

  • #3 Without an agent and traditional publisher, I'd be an imposter author.

  • #4 "I'm not going to pay anyone to help me write a book. I just need help with the 'rest of it.'"

  • #5 "A real Publisher does all the marketing and 'takes you on a book tour' where you eat caviar and cake” (I’ve seen those movies, too) 


Those beliefs are nothing but Book-Stopping Kryptonite!


With apologies, you need a whack on your porcupine! So, let's take a fun yet more direct route to writing your book. Take my quiz to unveil more of your gifts. Then with clarity and confidence, you can write the best book for you and your readers! 


–Judy McNutt

"Judy's quiz is a clarity and success magnet!"


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Author, Nadia S. Krauss

"I highly recommend taking Judy's quiz so you can learn what your writer's gift is. Then book the results session with Judy to: overcome your procrastination, overwhelm, and writer's block, so your soul-based book gets written and published! With her Writer's Gift Quiz, Judy McNutt totally nailed how I show up for my writing and why I write!"

I wrote my book from the heart, totally in alignment with my True-Heart quiz result." 

Nadia is the author of The Magic of Transformation: Igniting & Manifesting Your Soul Desires.


A Proven System to Create a Complete Book:

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 When all you have right now is

an interest in writing a book–


And you are ready to earmark

a little time to play with an idea,



Here's "How to start."

  • Practice and play with other writers a lot like you.

  • Develop ideas, strategies, and helpful habits while avoiding the pitfalls of planning and writing a book.

  • Discover the book in you!

Yvonne Andes, up in Wine Country, writes, "Judy makes the writing process so easy, so clear, and potent. She gets me through the rough patches, and honestly, I wouldn't even be writing this book if I hadn't taken her quiz, which opened my eyes and my heart to the possibility."

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When you are ready to start writing your book–


And you want a step-by-step system so you can plan, write, and be ready to publish–



Here's "Where to start."

  • You're supported step-by-step with planning and writing.

  • Feedback is precise and gentle. 

  • You'll be ready to take your book to the publisher.


Sheila Van Zile, published author, talks about her journey. "Sincere gratitude to the many people without whom this book would not have been born. Judy McNutt for her patient coaching and incredible expertise in the art of enlightened writing." 

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Today Intuitive Coaches and Women's Practitioners,  Course Creators, and other online businesswomen like you are receiving reader love notes, scheduling podcast guest spots, telling their stories, and reaching a wide audience:

"Turns out, it's easier than I thought. I clarified my gifts, connected with my reader, and my book came through!"


"Once my book is published,  I look forward to feeling that "sought-after-expert status" I've heard about.


"My dream was to change lives. It's very emotional; my book is doing that on its own."


"When you see your own words in print and online as the quoted author, it's frickin' cool!"


"My clients come to the coaching call having read Chapter 1. They are relaxed and primed to ask great questions knowing that details are waiting for them in the next chapter."

"My word-of-mouth & re-enrollment increased three-fold once I wrote the book on explorations in pleasuring for unconventional couples."


"When I realized my book would go on sharing my gifts and leaving a legacy long after I’m gone,  I made my book a priority."

What are Your Gifts?