What do you do when you want to write, you have the time, and you're still not writing?

Maybe your little ones are finally in school. 
Maybe your big kids just finally flew the coop.  

Or perhaps you’ve finally retired! Regardless, it’s finally your time to write!

What makes it so hard to sit down and start off writing, alone? You may be the victim of self-sabotage, write-trauma, suppression, or low-writer's esteem.

Click for the Quiz so you can finally find yourself writing!

Take the quiz and receive free guidance, so you can awaken the part of you that already knows you are meant to write!

You no longer have to suffer the regret of not writing. The Ignite Your Writing experience will nourish your work and light up your life! Imagine-

- having fun writing again

-learning to banish writer’s block

-enjoying a fun group of other women who are starting to write

-experiential exercises that have you writing without stressing about it!

-healing the parts of you that sabotage your writing

-learning ways to write all kinds of stuff: creative shorts, stories, poems, books, blogs, and even business materials.

-laughing while you learn! 

-receiving kind and gentle feedback that helps you become a better writer with every session.

-it's like a Writer's Retreat without leaving home!

Every time you write in one of my groups you get an energy healing experience that lifts you up and clears out your off-moods and blocks! You literally Find Yourself Writing.


writing helps, writing heals-

Every time you write in one of my groups you get an energy healing experience that lifts you up and clears out your off-moods and blocks! You literally Find Yourself Writing.


Take the Quiz, then I'll be available help you ignite your writing on that very day!



What do you desire to do with words?

I learned to trust

"I want to feel safe to explore writing and Judy helps me release my concerns about the results. I learned to trust the wisdom of my Inner Writer. In Judy's Group, I enjoy writing and being heard!" 

~Michelle N.

I longed for practice and purpose

"I loved writing but I longed for regular practice and clear purpose. While writing in one of Judy's groups, I realized I could build a collection of helpful, inspiring stories to publish and reach a wider audience." ~Ellen C.

Writing Better Blogs

"My blog is designed to enhance my business. Judy supports my efforts to find and refine more effective ways to benefit from writing. Her magical presence in the group inspired me and I wrote a better blog on the first day!" ~Jyll H.

"I WANTED TO CREATE A STREAM OF STORIES– I'm always amazed at how quickly I can write something with Judy's group. The result is that every piece has the potential to expand into something bigger so I'm no longer at a loss for a story to work on. Heart-Centered Writing is encouraging and empowering. Judy knows how to set the stage for success every time."

Gayellen Kick
Stories from the Middle


You'll have access to more than 25 years of experience in writing, business development, and brand-craft, finessed with woo-energy work so you can have a head start on all of your works and workings!  I’ve been coaching entrepreneurs, authors, and newly-awakening writers like you for years!


PS In addition to my Igniting Your Writing Groups (or if you prefer privacy) you can subscribe to receive regular one-on-one coaching and strategy sessions with me. 


"I JUST WANTED TO WRITE, I LEARNED I WAS I MY OWN WAY– All of my barriers dissolved. I started writing during our first session. (this could be you, too!) "


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