Calling all recently-retired, creative women who've ever said, "I'd love to write more, but... (story you've told yourself), until now!

Your life has already given you most of what you need to sit down and write. I work with women who don't want to continue feel the pain of not writing. So, I created a fast-start Blueprint so we can all Rise Up and Write, TODAY!

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Come write with me; you'll feel inspired, not tired!
I'll show you how!

Blocked & broken-hearted, I believed life itself conspired to keep me from writing. Perhaps you are there right now and could easily just give up and go back to binge-watching Hulu or the Net Flicks. There's another way! I've been there, and I've plotted the way back so you can get ignited and write a beautiful book or create a body of work!

-As a young woman I dreamed of living the life of a writer.

-I explored writing this and that, only to feel unsure, overwhelmed, defeated. I expended a lot of energy cramming thousands of dollars-worth of classes, and courses into my busy life as a mom and teacher.

- I wanted to feel inspired, not tired.

-My inner-critic worked overtime; "I'm too old. It's too late. How will I have time with all I still have to do? This Tech stuff is beyond me. Thousands of better writers are already..." (fill in your own self-sabotage.) So you can see, I've been where you may be finding yourself right now. I've written a new ending to our story; the "Creative, Wise, Retired Woman." 

I see you. I know you. I adore you, that's why I made a map that will guide you to awaken the creative seeds you still carry within you. I want you to birth your book, your blog, a body of work and to enjoy living the life of a writer! A great way to begin is with my free Blueprint:


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Writers of all types and levels of experience have a regular writing practice. The secret is that writing itself changes and heals you! This may be all you need to GET WRITING

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If, more than anything you long to write a book or create a body of work, and you still haven't started, we need to heal your writers wounds, build fun and effective writing practices. and experience writing in flow! This three-phase process unfolds over three "Webinars."
Erase Your Doubts About Writing!

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Come Write With Us for momentum,  success, and satisfaction. Immersion creates momentum in your writing and MEMBERSHIP includes writing groups, webinars, "Members-Only Benefits," plus member-pricing on One-to-One Sessions!

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With all your blocks busted, you could write a blockbusting book!

  • Achieve your goals!

  • Live the life of a writer.

  • Leave a Legacy for your Family!

  • Leverage your career expertise to build a business.

  • Enjoy Soul-deep Fulfillment of a Writer.

Client Love!

I Changed My Story!

I'm no longer at a loss for a story to work on. Judy is encouraging and empowering. She knows how to set the stage for success every time.

I upped my Game! ROAR!

I knew how I wanted readers to think about my writing. Writing in Judy's Group helped me find new strength and magnetism for my work!


As creative-spirited and retired women, we began writing in Judy's Group to get unblocked and to try new things. Now, writing has become the highlight of our week and most of us are working on books!


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