Calling all recently-retired, creative women who've ever said, "I'd love to write, but... (story you've told yourself), until now!

You can begin to feel like a writer today! You're invited to download my literally life-changing "Rise Up and Write Blueprint." I know you have a few kinks to work out but it's clear you want to write. This first step will help you build a productive writing practice!

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to joyful writing parties, the restoration of your creative flow, andĀ advanced-connection courses that will ignite your writing beyond your dreams.
Start to feel inspired, not tired!

So frustrating! "It's as if everything in life conspires to keep me from sitting down to write!" Sound familiar? Your brain says, "You should just give up and go back to binge-watching the Net Flicks." But the itch for creative expression won't leave you alone! Your true nature wants to be enticed to find a way out of that stuck place.
Well I have been on that journey for many years now and I don't want it to take so long or be so painful for you. I have put together some fun and rewarding engagements to get you ignited and well on the way to writing your beautiful book or body of work, RIGHT NOW!


Over the years I expended a lot of energy and crammed thousands of dollars-worth of classes, and courses into my busy life as a mom and teacher. When I retired I wanted to feel inspired, mostly what I felt was, tired!

-Meanwhile, my inner-critic kicked into overdrive: "I'm too old. It's too late. How will I have time with all I still have to do? This Tech stuff is beyond me. Where's the fun in this? Thousands of better writers are already..." (fill in your own self-sabotage.)

-So you can see, I've been where you are right now. I see you. I know you. I adore you, I want you to laugh and have fun while you learn and try new things in one of my Writing Parties, Creative Courses, or as you learn to live life the writer's way!


STEP ONE: TAKE THE QUIZ (discover your gift!)

 The key to successful and satisfying writing is to work with, not against your Writers Gift. Think of this 2-minute quiz as the stepping stones to cross the river into the land of free-flowing creative expression and practices that will put you in alignment with your Writers Gift.

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STEP TWO: USE YOUR GIFT (and discover new gifts!)

Wednesday Writing Parties help you blossom and reach your potential! Write with us each week to get started, increase your momentum, develop new projects. Immersion works! Share your writing for the day, to receive encouragement and supportive feedback from a fun group of ladies.

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(find yourself writing)

Ease Your Doubts seminar energizes your writing with three videos, handouts, and notes taken for you! If, more than anything you long to write a book or create a body of work, and you still haven't started, we build momentum with fun and effective, energized writing practices.
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With your writing ignited, you could:

  • Achieve your goals!

  • Enjoy life the writer's way.

  • Get your work done in a Writing Party every week!

  • Leave a Legacy for your Family!

  • Leverage your career expertise to build a business.

  • Enjoy Soul-deep Fulfillment as a Writer.

Client Love!

I Changed My Story!

I'm no longer at a loss for a story to work on. Judy is encouraging and empowering. She knows how to set the stage for success every time.

I upped my Game! ROAR!

I knew how I wanted readers to think about my writing, but Judy's Writing Party helped me find new strength and magnetism for my work!


As creative-spirited and retired women, we joined Judy's Writing Party to get unstuck and to try new things. Now, writing has become the highlight of our week and most of us are working on books!


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