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What if these women had given up?

Are You an Explorer?

"I was hesitant to explore and Judy helped me release my concerns about writing results. I discovered that what my Inner Writer wanted more than anything was to join a group, write and be heard!" ~Michelle N.

Is joy and Exploration your thing?

Are You a Writer?

"I have always loved being a Writer but I longed for regular practice and clear purpose. While writing in one of Judy's groups, I realized I wanted to build a collection of helpful, inspiring stories to publish and share with others." ~Ellen C.

Are you an Avid Writer, like Ellen?

Are You a Leader?

"My blog is designed to enhance my business. Judy supports my efforts to find and refine more effective ways to benefit from writing. Her magical presence inspired me. I wrote a better blog on the first day!" ~Jyll H.

Are you meant to start a business?

I've worked with hundreds of women just like you and I know, beyond doubt that my writing practices will change your life. I 'm here to help you clear the way for writing.

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- That little plant in the picture is you; little soul, lush with inspiration and desire!

-You sit down regularly to use your gifts, talents, and tools!

-You're safe and shining at the same time.

This is you, receiving the life-changing benefits of writing!

How to Begin:

All journeys begin with my Writing Exploration Group where you will Find Yourself writing, without leaving home!

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"I'm always amazed at how quickly I can write something with Judy's group. The result is that every piece has the potential to expand into something bigger so I'm no longer at a loss for a story to work on. Heart-Centered Writing is encouraging and empowering. Judy knows how to set the stage for success every time."


~We'll uncover your natural gifts and abilities. Your capacity to create new worlds or change the one around you will amaze you!

~Over time, and with the benefits of writing in a group, your Soul and the richness of your writing will expand, and take on an energy all its own.

~Reap the benefits of my twenty-five plus years in business and personal brand-development expertise!

~I'm here to help you with concepts like key messaging, and writing refinement so you can achieve all you can dream!


Discover, recover and optimize your writing for a book, a blog, or a start-up business. I can help you psycho-activate chapters, subjects, titles for your programs, classes, books, blogs, group names, and more! Ding!

"All my barriers dissolved. I was writing on the first day of Judy's Heart-Centered Writing Group. "

"As like-minded Explorers, we began writing in the group just to try new things. Now, writing has become the highlight of our week!"

"I knew how I wanted clients to think about my business, but I really needed help to put it into words."


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