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Are you ready to write, to share your strong, magical, wisdom, and your gifts with readers? 


Do you have creative ideas for writing and feel unsure how to get started?


Do you finally have time to write, but the words feel frozen in your pen?

You believe you're not like other writers, and that's a good thing! 


Let's start with your Gifts! 


When you feel ignited, working WITH your Gifts:


-you feel confident, heart-centered, and your work is a pleasure.

-writing is a fresh flow that connects you with each of your readers.

-your creativity, ideas, and passions will ignite them, too!

-they feel touched, moved, and transformed by your words, and they want more!


What are your Gifts? 

Your most significant gift is the one you've most likely ignored, blocked, buried, or sabotaged! The good news: I created a Quiz that will reveal all of your Gifts. Then, so you can start having fun writing again, I share my mapping method that will have you writing a book or anything you've been longing to create!


Although you feel a strong call to write, you may feel shy or overwhelmed. 

Perhaps your plan for a book is stuck in the idea phase?

Have you ever wondered what keeps you stuck?

Instead of spending thousands in writing programs, or signing up to push words through one of those 21-day challenges, I'll show you how to Open the Flow from Your Gifts so you can write with ease and grace in just four steps:

  • Discover your most significant gifts
  • Awaken your Inner Writer
  • Know who you're here to serve
  • Then leap into the waiting arms of your readers!

I want you to understand what works best for your personal writer-type, access the flow from Your Gifts, and then you will Ignite Your Writing!



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Write, share, receive encouragement, build confidence.


  • Enjoy weekly writing in a group that lights you up.
  • Share first attempts with a kind and loving audience.
  • Build confidence in yourself as a writer.
  • Join, enjoy, and connect with a community of fun ladies writing books, blogs, and bodies of work! 
Find your Writing Group!
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On-Point Mentoring support with built-in free follow-up session!


  • Develop or plan a writing project you can feel really proud of.
  • Grow your confidence as a writer so you can receive constructive feedback and still feel great about continuing to share your work.
  • Receive customized strategies that will take you beyond the blocks and keep you writing to completion.
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Breakthrough the time and energy-wasters that are blocking your Bestseller!


  • to the book you've been waiting to write, but you won't leap alone; step-by-step guided plan.
  • Write what you feel proud to share with your readers.
  • Solve the problems you're passionate about solving; tell the stories you're passionate about sharing.
  • Take the shortcut to Bestseller Breakthroughs!
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BEST WAY to find out what to do "first" or "next" is to Take The Quiz right HERE!

 Then, when you need alot or a little bit of One-to-One...


Mentoring Bundle
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On-deadline support, project development, tech support or training, book outline, platform or purpose planning, pitch practice, and more! One-to-One Mentees subscribe to the 10-hour Bundle after they discover that one mentoring session was not enough!  Pre-requisite: at least one of my One-to-One offerings.

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When you need a quick shift for clarity, or when "something is in the way" of getting on with the writing. Memoire Writing can bring up "stuff," or you may be feeling blocked or paralyzed in the face of a deadline. Sometimes you just don't know how to start or structure a project.

It might be time to write your book blurb, or craft your bio , or how about a little help writing your dust-cover . FIND YOURSELF SHIFTED!

When Women like you ignited their writing they:

  • Uncovered and accessed all of their Writer's Gifts.

  • Deepened their writing.

  • Received inspiration to write consistently.

  • Sparkled with creativity.

  • Connected with other wise women writers.

  • Received exclusive member benefits!

  • Started enjoying the next chapter of their lives fueled and fired up with real Writer's Purpose.


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  • Things are going so well with my writing and businesses.
  • I am enjoying every step forward! Things have shifted! and I'm on a great path!
  • I so appreciate you and your work in the world with other women writers.
    –Dianne C.  Boston


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  • It's just amazing what Judy can do!
  • The level of inspiration and expertise is fantastic.
  • My projects are moving along and
  • I've even started my first Women's Healing Circle online.
    –Aurora Suzanne, San Diego
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  • I highly recommend Judy as a writing coach!
  • She is extraordinarily compassionate, motivational and supportive.
  • Judy has the healer's touch and that brings out your writing in the most glorious ways!  –Annie K. Los Angeles

Do you doubt or value your gifts?

Do you know that incredible, powerful, creative, magical, visionary, eloquent woman within you? She holds decades of experience and wisdom, and she has suffered for decades, too, always putting everybody else first, Yes?

I'll bet you can pinpoint the moment the self-sabotage began:

"You're average, not gifted, writing is tedious & difficult, only lucky people get published, and anyway you're retired now...so it's too late." No!

Like you, I am a woman with long-held dreams of writing a book (in my case a novel.) When fresh, original creative writing did not show up the instant I had more time, I began to realize that writing was more than words. Writing is a Soul Calling!

Drawing on all my skills and experience as a teacher, multi-media marketing expert, and author I re-invented or weeded out a good many writing practices and methods and added more clearing and healing. I healed my lack of belief in my writing skills. Eventually, I realized I wasn't the only retired woman with a calling to write so I began to mentor a community of women writers of all skill levels so they could awaken their soul gifts and writing skills, too!

Your intuition whispers that mentored writing will work for you,
before you even try it–

"I love the moment when that thought, that idea arrives in my head. I wasn't necessarily consciously trying to think of something to write. It just happens, and then I am tuned in to that idea. Everything stops around me except for my pen that keeps writing down that super idea. I begin reaching deep within my being to grasp onto the words, so they do not wither away. Silence is precious as I continue to create, using all of the cells in my body. At last, the words stop forming, and my pen stops writing. I look back on the page to see what just happened, and as I read, I discover another treasure that came from my heart that I must share."

–Carley Smith, The Heartland Poet.

This why I encourage you to join one of my amazing groups.

Right now. even!

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What are Your Gifts?