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Sharing: Pathways to Writing Without "BEING A WRITER"

Imagine being one of the top 100 bloggers in the world. Ignore what poses as reality for a moment.

See yourself completing your book. Skip over the part where you start to write it.

You know you are one of the best in your field, now imagine the freedom of being "out there on your own!" Forget you feel like you can't even begin to describe yourself, your business or what you offer.

Many of us are inspired to be the next Elizabeth Gilbert, JK Rowling, or to create a beautiful website from which to launch a dream business like https://mcleanmeditation.com or https://holisticbodybasics.com

Moreover, if you believe there are hundreds of other writers and talented entrepreneurs who are much better than you, more capable, more tech-savvy, better-connected and more experienced, then you may never even BEGIN. As if to sound the death knell, from a hollow place inside you a voice says, "It would take years to gain a fraction of the skills they have." Boo, Hiss!

Those self-limiting...

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